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Checkissuing History

Checkissuing originally started as an idea in a restaurant in 2005 and then space in a basement in 2008. In 2010, they moved out of that basement into an office in Surprise, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. Then in 2012, the heat started getting to them and the company relocated to Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. After a while, the idea of constantly being in the cold weather got to them, and in early 2018, the company relocated into the technical community of Tempe, Arizona, another suburb of Phoenix, less than a mile from Arizona State University, where it resides to this day.

The Staff at the Company have deep backgrounds in payments, engineering, development, security, compliance, finance, quality control, and technology. Combined with a resolute operational team, dedicated customer service staff, and a innovative development team, Checkissuing offers fresh solutions to systems and technology in order to provide state-of-the-art payment and statement solutions for their clients.


Mark Greenspan


Mark Greenspan grew up in Phoenix, AZ, graduating with a Finance Degree from Arizona State University. After graduation he was the 6th employee at a credit card processing and hosting company which eventually grew to 500+ employees. He started in the Accounting Department for hosting, then moved to managing the accounting for both Hosting as well as the Credit Card side. He then expanded to the manage the Fraud side of the credit card business, establishing the fraud systems and controls for all credit card and ACH signups. Then they wanted him to create and manage a Policy Review department that reviewed all of the websites before they got approved, as well as periodically re-reviewing them. Then he moved into Business Development and started a hosting business for the company called Secured Servers, which eventually got merged into their Data Center Product, PhoenixNAP. After being there 13 years, and a VP for 7 of them, he left and started checkissuing.net.

Rodney Jacobs

Operations, Systems, And Security

Rodney Jacobs, a Phoenix AZ native who after spending 6 years in the United States Air Force, supporting war efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, joined the civilian workforce. During that time as a contracted Geospatial and Imagery Intelligence Analyst he became a subject matter expert working for Air Force Special Operations. Rodney returned to his homeland after 12 years abroad to continue his undergraduate education at the Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University. Shortly after graduation, Rodney was recruited by Checkissuing founder, Mark Greenspan, to head up the relocation to Tempe, AZ and continues to function as the operations and developement manager.

Dan Orlando

Development And Technology

Dan Orlando specializes in business transformation through product development, systems integration, operational efficiency, and business intelligence. His role is to leverage the latest innovations in application programming as a driving force to identify performance improvement opportunities and maximize cost reductions to enhance the company portfolio. He has lead the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for Fortune 500 enterprise corporations that include Intuit, Blackboard, Adobe, The U.S. Department of Energy, and many more. As an accredited author, he has written for publications that include IBM developerWorks, Amazon Developer Connection, Flash & Flex Developer Magazine, Adobe, and Zend Technologies.

Nick Randall

Customer Service And Human Resources

Nick Randall, another ASU alumni, has lived and worked in the Valley for over 20 years and brings a wide variety of business, government and customer service experience. Nick is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and former Maricopa Superior Court Probation Officer. Working at the same credit card processing and hosting company as Mark Greenspan, he has trained hundreds of staff in customer service and management and managed staff ranging from one to seventy-five. He is also certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources International after years of Human Resource experience.


Checkissuing is a company and Corporations such as Lyft, Paypal, Honeywell, Airbnb, IPSY, Mead Johnson, Carvana, and hundreds of others have enjoyed working with their State-of-the-Art Systems and Technology. We take deep pride in our forward-thinking approach to creating an Amazing Payment Sending and Transfer Platform for our Clients, our Ultra-Strong approach to Security, the methodology behind our Smooth UX(User Experience) System, our Reliable and Always-There Customer Service Team, our Processes behind-the-scenes for Quality Control, and our Clients know we will do Anything to please them.


Our Core Values Anchor Us

Workflow management
Own The Outcome

We are responsible for results. The output of our work is more important than the effort.

User Management
Move Fast, Take Action

We make decisions and take action in the face of uncertainty.

Recurring or Future Payments
Level Up

We invest in one another. We have a growth mindset and proactively seek and give feedback to improve our skills.

Payee System
Curate Experiences

We make a positive impact on our customers, colleagues, and the world.

Online 1099 Processing and Filing Services
Empower Diversity

We foster a culture of inclusivity and seek diverse perspectives to make decisions.

In-House Processing
Be Bold

We innovate, experiment, and take risks. We push the envelope.


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