Checkissuing Digital Check Solution

Checkissuing Digital Check Solution

Send digital checks checks instantly and electronically through the Checkissuing Platform. With Checkissuing’s end-to-end Digital Checking solution, payees can deposit their emailed Digital Checks in just a few seconds. No more trips to the bank. Payors only need to know the Payee’s Name, Email, and Dollar Amount (no bank account info needed). With Digital Checks, there are no material or postage costs.

Checkissuings simple digital checking solution is changing the way individuals and businesses send and receive payments.


  • A digital echeck can be instantly deposited at the click of a button using a smartphones banks image capture app, or by printing and depositing the physical check at a local bank or ATM. All you need to send a digital echeck is your recipient’s email address.
  • Send hundreds or thousands of digital echecks nearly instantaneously; all while being able to monitor in real-time receipt of payment via the Checkissuing dashboard or API.
  • The user interface is as intuitive and simple as it gets. Checkissuing handles authentication using Plaid, a platform integrated with 15,000+ US Banks. All you need to do is to log into the Plaid dialogue box just like you would your bank’s webpage or app, fill out a few of the requested fields, and you are instantly setup, or get sent microdeposits into your bank account to confirm next business day if you prefer.
  • While paper checks are among the most widely accepted payment methods currently available and preferred by many, the process of loading check stock into a printer, printing, signing, stuffing, stamping and mailing them is less costly and inefficient compared to echecks and digital echecks, which have zero hard costs to create and send, and a much better impact on the environment.
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  • Digital echecks are different than the traditional echecks since it works with bank accounts that may not be ACH enabled I.E. Money Market Accounts, and Small Banks/Credit Unions, for instance.
  • Need to send multiple checks? Upload a CSV file with the name, email or physical address, and amount for each recipient and hit send, and automate through the Checkissuing API.
  • No Physical Address Required, just an email address.
  • Recipients instantly receive their digital echeck via email which can be deposited online, printed or converted into an direct deposit using the ACHTRANSFERS platform. Checkissuings digital echecks don’t require the recipient to register, signup or download an app.
  • Use the Checkissuing API to automate a solution that works best for you and your customers.


  • When it comes to digital payments, safety and reliability are critical requirements. Checkissuing takes every measure to enforce best security standards and practices. All sensitive data on our servers are encrypted and secured to ensure your customers’ information remains private thanks to our state-of-the-art security systems that follow payment standards that are similar to those established by financial institutions across the country.
  • Payment data is tokenized, movement of data is encrypted, and all data is stored encrypted at rest.
  • Clients can verify their bank accounts instantly using their online banking credentials. This information is tokenized using secure bank APIs and at no time are banking login credentials stored anywhere on Checkissuings servers or systems.
  • Checkissuing performs regular Type I SOC II compliance audits, the gold standard of software-as-a-service data security. SOC reports aren’t legally mandated; they’re paid for at company expense and audited by a third CPA Firm.
  • Recipient security features include:
    • SMS authentication code sent before the payment can be accessed.
    • Password required before the payment can be accessed.
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  • Positive Pay is a business process designed around coordinating with the clients issuing bank in order to help prevent check fraud. It consists of a process to submit files to the bank that contain issued check information such as the check number, issue date, and amount. When the bank receives a check, the bank compares the data on the check to the issued check information provided by the client. If the check information contains any discrepancies compared to the subject file, the check is set aside as an exception for the customer to review for accuracy.
  • This process prevents altered checks from being cashed just by using a stolen account number or a blank or “washed” check. It also prevents the payee from altering the check amount or other vital pieces of information. Whether you are seeking to send out ten payments or 100,000 payments, your business will surely value the simple, straightforward process Checkissuing offers for efficiently and securely printing and mailing your checks.
  • Automated or Manual Positive Pay File-Upload system- Checkissuing offers its clients a system that allows them to provide their banks positive pay format to CI and the system can automatically upload the files to the clients bank, or make the positive pay file available for download so the user can upload it to their bank themselves.


  • Our administration system and/or API allows you to securely upload and process your bulk or single payments, access reports, set permissions, and much more, all instantly through your mobile device, desktop or tablet. From invoice processing and approval to scheduling payments to running reports, the dashboard offers the ability to process thousands of payments with just a few clicks. Payments are remitted in your chosen payment methods with no need to login to additional portals.
  • Upload your CSV files online to be processed using our Secure EV-SSL 128-bit encrypted file upload system through our administration system or automatically through our modern API. With our robust security protocols, verified through our SOC Audit, you can rest assured that your financial information will not be compromised.


Checkissuing can customize and white-label the entire digital echeck, customer experience, including:

  • Text in email
  • Email address
  • Portal domain
  • Check background image
  • Terms and Conditions text
  • # of times permitted to be downloaded.
  • Payment options

By customizing and branding the the process the customer goes through to honor the digital echeck payment, it strengthens your branding and prevents the potential of any traffic leaks.


Have full visibility on the following information in the form of timestamps:

  • When the digital echeck has been sent to the recipient.
  • When the echeck has been accepted by the recipients email provider.
  • The sections of the echeck that were accessed and/or downloaded.

As well as location information on the area the digital echeck was accessed from.


Over 92% of businesses still prefer to pay vendors and suppliers by check, even though check fraud targets over 70% of businesses. Checkissuing digital echecks, powered by the ACHTRANSFERS direct deposit platform let your business customers go paperless, marrying all the familiarity of traditional business checks with the safety, speed, and security of modern payment technology—all from within one combined business solution, with no postage costs.



Checkissuing provides you with the safest, easiest, and fastest way to send a check—all you have to do is click “Send.” Your recipients digital echeck, is instantly delivered! Our digital echeck solution take everything you love about checks and combine it with the speed and ease of email.

We offer the perfect online payment solution for enterprise businesses that execute a large number of digital echecks each month:

  • Send hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of digital/echeck payments in just seconds
  • Streamline processes, reduce costs and improve cash flow management
  • Integrate quickly and easily into your current processes using our full-featured API and Integration Support

For over 14 years, Checkissuing has been providing best-in-class payment solutions to both major and small businesses. digital echecks, are the next evolution, offering a combination of security, control, ease and flexibility unmatched by other popular payments methods.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Digital Check?


A digital check is a check sent electronically, which can be cashed the same way as standard checks, without the costs of USPS First-Class postage.


What are the benefits of using a Digital Check?


A few of the benefits of Digital Checks is that they can be sent instantly, without the costs of USPS First-Class postage.


How can I send a Digital Check?


A digital check can be sent online over email to the recipient, who can then cash it in an ATM, with a bank teller, or by using their banks image capture software on their smartphone.


How long does it take to deposit a Digital Check?


A digital check can be cashed at an ATM, with a bank teller, or by using a bank’s image capture software on a smartphone.


Why is a Digital Check better than a paper check?


Digital Checks are similar to paper checks, only they can be sent to the recipient instantly.


How are digital checks secured?


Digital Checks are similar to paper checks, only they can be sent to the recipient instantly.


Why choose Checkissuing Digital Check Solution?


Checkissuings Digital Check Solution is a secure, instant way to get a payment to your recipient at a low cost compared to paper checks.


Contact us today to get a demo and find out how we can help with your printing and mailing needs!

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