4 Common Cashier Check Fraud Scams

check fraud cases Check Fraud is one of the biggest drains on corporate America every year. It literally fleeces small businesses, which is why so many turns to Check Issuing as their third-party check disbursement service.
But cashier’s check fraud is also huge stuff. While cashier’s checks are viewed by banks as “risk-free,” this just isn’t always the case. Many consumers become victims of cashier’s check fraud every day because it is so difficult to verify a cashier’s check for free. But there is a lot that you can do in order to prevent this type of fraud and The US Department of Treasury has some great tips for us.  Unfortunately, you cannot verify cashiers check online free but you can take these suggestions below.

This OCC Consumer Advisory on Avoiding Cashier’s Check Fraud gives you information on some common scams and some steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim. Although this advisory focuses on cashier’s checks, you may find the information useful if you transact business using other official bank instruments, such as money orders and official checks.
Common Scams – Each scam involving a fraudulent cashier’s check may be different, but some of the more common scenarios are:

  • Selling goods – You sell goods in the marketplace – for example, over the Internet. A buyer sends you a cashier’s check for the price that you have agreed on, and you ship the goods to the buyer.

  • Excess of purchase price – This scenario is similar to the one described above. However, the buyer sends you a cashier’s check for more than the purchase price and asks you to wire some or all of the excess to a third party, often in a foreign country. The buyer may explain that this procedure allows the buyer to satisfy its obligations to you and the third party with a single check. The cashier’s check turns out to be fraudulent.

  • Unexpected windfall – You receive a letter informing you that you have the right to receive a substantial sum of money. For example, the letter may state that you have won a foreign lottery or are the beneficiary of someone’s estate. The letter will state that you have to pay a processing/transfer tax or fee before you receive the money, but a cashier’s check will be enclosed to cover that fee. The letter will ask you to deposit the cashier’s check into your account and wire the fee to a third party, often in a foreign country. The cashier’s check turns out to be fraudulent.

  • Mystery shopping – You receive a letter informing you that you have been chosen to act as a mystery shopper. The letter includes a cashier’s check, and you are told to deposit the check into your account. You are told to use a portion of the funds to purchase merchandise at designated stores, transfer a portion of the funds to a third party using a designated wire service company, and keep the remainder. The cashier’s check turns out to be fraudulent.


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How Much Do You Know About Check Fraud?

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How to verify a cashier’s check is real

I got a fake check from craigslist


Check Fraud In Las Cruces Just Another Example Of Why You Need To Be Safe!

There have never been better days to make sure your checks are fraud-proof.

(via lcsun-news.com) Sheriff’s deputies swept into the Doña Ana County Clerk’s Office on Monday morning to detain three workers in an alleged identity theft and check cashing scheme — after an accused local ringleader was arrested days earlier.
In all, seven people have been arrested in the alleged scheme, which entailed notarizing documents to help cash federal tax refund checks obtained using stolen identities, according to court documents obtained by the Sun-News.

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Small Business Owner Falls Victim To Check Fraud.

Check Fraud is one of the worst events a small business can encounter. Most small businesses do not even consider check fraud until, unfortunately, it is too late. At Check Issuing, we can handle your check disbursement and protect your small business from check fraud.

Check out this check fraud video.

This could have all been prevented if more measures had been taken before the actual scam went down. You need to be preventative, not reactive. Being reactive can cost your business thousands of dollars.
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