learn how to not be a bad boss

Bad Bosses and Good Bosses – The Differences

learn how to not be a bad bossIsn’t it strange how common it is to have worked for a lousy boss at some point in our lives? There are so many ways that managers and bosses can just be straight up bad. And frankly, it stinks! Some of us are bosses ourselves and some of us have a boss. So obviously none of us are alone in wondering what separates the good from the bad?!
A truly good leader does not believe that he/she can do it all alone. Great bosses know the importance of the team around them and how everyone’s part completes the big puzzle. These wonderful bosses work with their team and as a team member. They take extra steps and are always ready and willing. There are real warning signs of a bad boss.
Awful bosses do not think or act the way that the good bosses do. And you should report a bad boss to your supervisor.  And on top of this, their junky behavior drizzles down to the rest of the team. This results in less productivity and a negative environment. Which none of us want at our company, right? Follow these simple rules and drive your team the correct way.

Have A Good Effect On The Team

If the boss affects his or her team in a good way, then we all know that it will leave a more positive light on everyone involved and watch out for bad boss characteristics. For example, everyone should do their part and if possible extend a helping hand unto others. Another thing, don’t take credit for someone else’s work. It is just not cool…at all.

Gain Trust

You definitely want to gain the trust of employees, not to destroy their trust. Some of the ways you can ruin relationships and lose the trust of others: Lack of communication, not rewarding employees for a job well done, lying (is a biggie) and gossiping (no bueno, don’t do it). Lead by example. The more the team trusts their leader, the more they will do and work to their potential. Open your ears and help them to build confidence along the way.

Respond To The Needs Of Others

Take some time to see what motivates each person. Try to customize your communication with each person according to what drives them. If a boss does not talk to employees that is bad manager behavior, then he or she will never know how to approach people, which in time will sink the entire ship.
Communicating with employees is where it all begins. Bad bosses do not explain expectations and they do not listen to concerns of their team members. Find the time to build UP your team. It is well worth it. You will begin to see more confidence all around you and people who are actually happy to work. Be a good boss, not a bad boss.

Are you one of the bad bosses?

I think we can all agree that being a boss is one of the most trying and laborious jobs out there (or at least it should be if you are doing it right!), but more often than not, people placed in a boss role feel unsettled and without direction themselves. It is , by all means,a tough gig. If you don’t want to be a bad boss, then you must understand what a good boss is! I thought I would break it down for you.

Don’t Assume Everyone Gets It

Understand that just because you understand your own directions doesn’t entitle others to the same privilege. In order to improve how you communicate your messaging of task and directives, you must work steadfastly to improve the generality of that understanding.

Know How It Is All Done

Know how to do all things. Obviously, a lot of your role is dependent upon your prowess in managing others. But a good leader will know how to do tasks when others either can’t or are unsure of how. Being able to perform departmental tasks exude leadership and earns the respect of others.

Blend Boss And Friend Roles

Blend the “friend” and “boss” roles together with a delicate touch. You obviously don’t want to turn into the prison captain from Cool Hand Luke, but you don’t want to end up BFF’s, as the cool kids like to say, either. Try being a nice person and being polite when giving directives. Ask employees how their weekends were without getting too personal, keep things general. If your company is supportive of happy hour gatherings, obviously the balance can get hazy, but most importantly, make sure you remain mostly business as usual without being overly stuffy.

Show Some Emotion

Don’t be afraid to show a little emotion. Passion is a good thing, obviously straight up crying would be a bad thing. Knowing the difference is huge. Without some emotion and passion, one becomes too robotic and loses interpersonal advantages with employees. You are human, so be human.

Look For Opportunity

Try to see opportunity amidst the chaos. No matter how great a company is, there will always be circumstances that upend it, whether that’s changes in the trade’s space or otherwise, things happen. When they do, be ready to set an example of optimism and leadership. Look for ways to cash in on the downturns, restore faith, exude leadership.
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Outsource Your Payroll: Save Time And Money

Many businesses make the decision to handle their payroll operations themselves by keeping it in-house. They typically handle the bookkeeping manually or they use a payroll system or software. Many small businesses make the decision to hire professional payroll services. When small businesses outsource their payroll functions, they will be able to focus on the operations that will directly impact their business currently and in the future. Here is what is payroll outsourcing is all about.
Why do so many businesses, especially small businesses, decide to outsource their payroll? What are the benefits?
Save Money
Can you imagine how much money you can save when you know longer have to do the following:

  • Generate and sign all of the paychecks
  • Print all of the paychecks/pay stubs
  • Distribute all of the checks
  • Get ready for payroll taxes

You No Longer Have To Waste Time
It does not matter how many people you have working in your small business; it can be a daunting task to manage your payroll. Someone needs to have a massive effort and spend plenty of time making sure every detail is correct.
After one pay period has ended, the next pay period will follow right behind it. You have to check twice or three times to make sure no errors have been made. Not writing out a bunch of checks take away from the time you need to do your other daily tasks. When you outsource your payroll, you will no longer have to think about the time you have wasted on the complicated payroll duties.
As we all know, when you can save time you can save money. All of the above tasks require plenty of time and money. When you can eliminate the time it takes to do all of those tasks, you will save money that can go towards other business operations.
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