Why Your Business Should Use Use Media

Probably not the best way to start this article, but the fact is, every business should check their own social media as well as their competitors. At Check Issuing, we want to make sure that our social media serves the best interest of our current clients, as well, we hope that it attracts new healthcare statement clients to our services by becoming a true extension of our corporate voice. And that’s the core objective of social media, extending your voice.
But many companies are irresponsible with how they manage their social media. Many feel that this is a job for anyone who has some extra time, but this type of thinking can lead to very bad things in the future. Having a major social media fallout is almost inevitable if someone isn’t trained on it and the situation isn’t monitored, but all that is preventable with some easy steps.

Establish A Voice For Your Social Media

Really, we could call this having a plan. You have a plan for everything else in your company, right? Like how people are paid. When they can take time off. When you do reviews. Why wouldn’t you do the same for social media? When social media is allowed to run wild, it will inherently run, well, wild. Why would anyone expect anything short of that?
Having a plan doesn’t mean micromanagement, it means establishing guidelines for the person who will be managing the social media. What should the person do if someone offers feedback (negative or positive) on social media? How should they respond? What type of content should your company be posting? How many days? Are you posting legal images for your medical practice? Should your company ever discuss politics or social issues publicly? Establishing guidelines in this area can help immensely provide direction for the person running the medium.

Check The Social Media

Check your social media, subscribe to it. And do the same with other accounts. You don’t need to sit on Facebook all day, but monitoring your own once daily is a good idea. Also, seeing what other companies are doing can give you ideas and help you understand what modern voices are and how they are evolving.

Social Media Needs To Be Informative And Happy

If you aren’t being happy or informative on your social media accounts, then you have to really ask yourself if you are doing it all wrong. Again, your social media is a voice for your company, there isn’t much need for negative post and useless clutter!

Why Outsourcing Check Writing May Generate Better Results

All employees must be compensated for the work that they do. Business either personally take care of the check writing process or they outsource that work to another company. The choice to outsource this work is gaining steam with a lot of companies for a variety of reasons.
Outsourcing Is Frequently Cheaper Than In-House Payroll
It is vital to consider using outsourcing simply for the savings cost. Surepayroll.com points out the fact that outsourcing is frequently less expensive than doing the work in-house,

The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with a payroll provider. Our research indicates that a small business with 10 employees will typically spend $2,600 per year in direct labor costs associated with payroll.

Business owners are always seeing dollar signs whenever they are considering one proposition or another, so they should be seeing them when it comes to saving money by outsourcing the payroll process.
Dealing With The Tax Man
Outsourcing the payroll processing can help take off the table dealing with the IRS in this particular aspect of business as well. Many outsourcing providers do provide a full tax service for their clients as well. This means that the business that does the outsourcing does not have to handle the tax burden that they otherwise might.
Alleviate The Burden Of Employee Turnover
Employee turnover is a big problem in a lot of businesses. If payroll employees are the ones who are leaving, then hiring new ones and training them quickly becomes a real issue. It could literally bring a business to its knees if those with the payroll experience are the ones who decide to leave your business. With outsourcing, this is not as much of a concern. The company that the work has been outsourced to will not be going anywhere. You can rely on them. This too is an important reason to consider outsourcing check issuing.

Does Your Business Belong On Twitter?

When Twitter first came along and introduced itself to the general public in 2006, it changed the way we see Social Media. Its fast-paced abbreviated style seemed to mesh perfectly with the juncture our society and culture had found itself. The world was fast. Headlines were savvy and short and intriguing. Anonymity was cherished in a society with privacy concerns. Twitter gave us all that and more. Twitter allowed revolutions (see Egypt) to happen.
But as Twitter grew into the machine and whispers that it would take over Facebook prevailed, something seemed missing. How could anyone make money from it?
Slow down, friends, I understand money has been made. But the greater point is the crux of the issue. More than any other ambition I’ve heard from small businesses, the “we want to be big on Twitter” request is the most perplexing. Why? That’s my first question. And people usually can’t answer it. Let’s break down a raw scenario. If you were Check Issuing, what would post on Twitter? Ok, we can post some article links and that never hurts (not much work involved in just posting some links). But really, we don’t fit the mold so well. Twitter is about breaking news. It’s about journalism. It’s about witty banter (without links). It’s about celebrity. And all that is also it’s Achilles heel. Remember, Facebook exist, and just a few small changes made them rather competitive in these areas as well. Facebook has slowly morphed into a “more updates, faster statuses” system. It used to be that posting more than once a day on Facebook meant you were annoying. Not so much anymore. Facebook is easier to follow and prettier to look at (just the facts, folks).
The point in this is, most small businesses probably can’t be big on Twitter. And when I say big, I mean “lots of active followers.” Unless your business is breaking news, it will be a tough task. So really, the greater point? Focus on the things that matter. Spending some time on Twitter doesn’t hurt, but maybe you shouldn’t break your back.

Check Issuing Offers You Increased Branding

Check Issuing. We are a company which helps you disburse check payments in a safer, more efficient, cost-saving way. But did you know we are also branding geniuses? Ok, maybe I am going a little too far with that, but seriously, we are on our game.
When you use Check Issuing as your payment provider, you get the added benefit of branding your company’s logo on your checks. And this my friends is a huge benefit. Checks deal with money. Money is super important. If people feel like their money is being handled unprofessionally, then people lose confidence in a company. Your company, simply put, will look more professional if your checks use your company’s logo on them. When a person receives a check from your company, the check shouldn’t look like a personal check. It should look like a professional check that originated from a professional company. A company who takes money seriously.
Shouldn’t sending checks to a person or company serve as a great opportunity at branding? Any time you can get your company’s logo in front of other business people, you should take it. There is no better opportunity at branding yourself than when someone is receiving money! Don’t let perfect and easy opportunities pass you by.
Check Issuing makes this all very easy. We even give you the ability to insert memos so that you can keep clients and customers updated on your company’s ongoings (hey, many people delete emails). Call us right now at 1.866.686.6382