Business and Personal Blank Fillable Check Templates You Can Print

Business and Personal Blank Fillable Check Templates You Can Print

Whether you have a business or have your own personal checking account, there may be a time when you need a check. Enterprising companies are usually well-stocked because they have a large accounts payable department, but even they can run out of checks. There might be special situations when you need a different type of check, too. In these instances, a blank check template is the perfect solution.

What Is a Blank Check Template?

A template is a pre-designed guide that can be used over and over for a specific purpose. A check is a financial instrument, and it is overseen by accounting and finance laws at the federal level. This means that it has to have certain pieces of information and meet specific parameters in order to be valid. The check templates you will find on our site meet all of these standards.
When you order checks from your bank, they show you several different options online or in a pamphlet. A blank check template is the same idea. The difference is that this option is available to you immediately. Instead of filling out a form and submitting it, you do all of the legwork on the spot. If you need a specific size, color or font, all the specifics are fully customizable to fit your needs.
Once you are done, the blank business check template is downloadable. You can also opt for a business check printing template.
What Is a Blank Check Template

Why Would You Need a Check Template?

Companies keep a watchful eye over their financial instruments like checks. When your accounts payable staff pays a stack of bills at the end of the month or quarter, they could be short one check. In this situation, visiting our website is a convenient, short-term solution. You can fill out a blank business check template or as many as you need until your next batch of checks arrives.
Banks are well-known for keeping strict business hours. Plus, they get all federal holidays off. You can run out of checks at any moment, and it may be outside of your bank’s business hours. Several banks offer online services, even ordering checks. The issue is that you have to wait for them to be printed and mailed to you. A blank business check template is available to you to fill out and download on the spot. This convenient service means that you can print checks at any time without getting your bank involved.
If you order checks from your financial institution, you have to order a large quantity. Usually, it is a pack of 100 or more. Using checks for personal purposes is something that has decreased over the last several years with the ability of people to make online payments. So, it does not always make sense to order a batch if you only need one check every so often. This is when an online, printable check template comes in handy. Once you pick out the template, just download 
it and print it out. From that template, you can print future checks as well.

Types of Printable Check Template

A check template can be used to pay for a number of things. You can use one to pay for something personal and another to pay for something business-related. For company purposes, check templates include:

  • Payroll
  • Business
  • Donation

A donation check can be used for public relations purposes. As a member of your community, your company probably donates to at least one charitable cause in the area, if not several. When you make those donations, you can download and print a donation template. These are oversized checks that are great for presenting to the recipient during a photo-op.
Business checks are the ones that you use for professional purposes. Your company’s image is extremely important and can greatly affect your business dealings. Maybe your company’s culture is more modern than traditional. Your suppliers want to be sure that they are working with a legitimate company that can pay their bills, though. When you hand them a professional business check, you are sending them an important message. You are letting them know that working with you is not a risk.
Payroll checks are extremely important. They are the reason why your employees continue to show up to work on time. A professional check is encouraged because it sets the tone for your labor force. They, like your business partners, want to know that your company is legitimate. Your employees also want to rest assured that they are going to be paid the correct amount at the end of every pay period.
A business check printing template is also great for rebate/refund programs. It helps automate and streamline the process when you have several to fulfill.
Types of Printable Check Template

Tips for Using a Blank Check Template

When you use a blank check template, it is important to not make drastic alterations. You cannot add your bank’s logo to one of our checks, for example. Checks under a certain amount are cashed on the spot. The check still goes through a verification process, though. If it is believed to be fraudulent, the financial instrument is delivered to the appropriate department for follow up. Placing your bank’s logo might get the check flagged.
Once you have found the template you want to use, select the option that allows you to fill in the blanks. Download it, and then print it. When you have picked out the template that fits your needs, save it. This allows you to print it any time you need to again, which saves you time in the future.
Checks used for personal purposes are a little more lenient, but you still do not want to change the templates. It could cause issues for you. When you are ready to use them for business transactions, you want to double-check that they will be accepted. Different states have different laws, so it is a good idea to check in with your bank before using a blank check template for the first time.
You want to make sure that you treat the template like a check you would have purchased from your bank. This means writing legibly. All the pertinent information should be filled in without any errors. If you make a mistake, it is better to print a new check. Before you hand the check to the recipient, be sure that there are enough funds to cover the amount. If you print any extras, store them in a safe and secure place. A check is money in a different format. When they fall into the wrong hands, they can be filled out and cashed. Transactions that seem suspicious are flagged, but the verification process can take a long time.
To learn more about printable check templates, visit our website. Some of the other services we offer at are cashed check reporting, real-time USPS reporting, usps address cleansing and multiple bank account management as well as white labeling. Whatever your financial needs are, we can help.