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Your Business Just Moved To Smartphones. Are you ready?

Many of us still think of the web as this portal for entertainment and work orbiting inside of our desktop and laptop computers. But watch out smartphones are taking over – and fast!
Today, the majority of internet users are on smartphones. Smartphones of all types -Apple, Samsung, Android and the rest.
We still sit down on our couch, laptop rested on our legs, ready to be entertained or to check stats from our online business ventures.
But the truth is, that’s all changed and many of us have failed to fully realize it. We think because we still use our laptops on planes that the web is still at its core, a desktop experience.
“If everyone I see at the airport is surfing the web on a laptop, why should my business give up on desktop applications?” one reader was quoted as saying. Let’s try to answer this question a bit more in depth.
First, no one should give up on the desktop web. We aren’t saying such a thing. The desktop web still exists and is still a huge market. People still buy laptops and big computer monitors. Most people are still most comfortable typing longer form entries from a full keyboard, not on their smartphones.
So why then does it sometimes seem like the stats, which show 80% of online users using mobile, feel inflated? Business news is reporting a big shift to mobile users on smartphones.  It’s because we have become completely immune to seeing people use their phones to surf the web. And when we do, well, “notice,” it, we assume they are texting or solely being entertained. Maybe they are just looking at vacation photos? The new truth, however, is that often times, they are shopping on Amazon, ordering an Uber and even booking a vacation deal – all on smartphones. This highlights new business opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs.
They are using the mobile web via smartphones to live their lives. They have transferred much of their online existence into a pocket-sized device  – smartphones. Our reality often ignores all that activity because it doesn’t appear to be very “computer-like,” causing us to feel like the mobile emphasis is a little overstated. We also use our own computers for business and shopping and forget how often we use our smartphones for the same things. Keep abreast of change by reading articles about technology.
So what should we do to get our business ready for smartphones?
We should recognize that the mobile web is here and if our business is not ready, we lost a huge portion of our revenue potential. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself regarding your business?
How does your site look on all types of smartphones such as iPhone and each Droid? Maybe even on a Windows phone? You can use simulators for this, or just ask your friends who may possess each of these smartphones to check your site. Does your website look appealing? How useful is your website on the devices? Knowing this information could increase your revenue.
Are you able to accept transactions easily using mobile? If your business is one that accepts credit cards, you should really make sure that the sign-up process is simple and fluid using all the aforementioned smartphones. Sit down and sign up for your site using the devices. How’s the experience? Is typing into the form easy? Check it out yourself by placing an order using your smartphones.
What about your contact form? Does it work? Is it simple to use?
Being mobile compliant isn’t really that difficult anymore, but you’d be surprised at what a little extra effort can reveal.

How To Manager Vendor Relationships

Choosing a new vendor or third-party service, such as a direct deposit ACH wire transfer services (hint, hint), can sometimes be a complicated matter. You need to be constantly evaluating vendor relationships.
Vendors and third-party services can be excellent partners, or they can serve to make your life hell. And no one wants the latter. That’s because hell is scalding (or so I’ve heard).
So then what’s the best way to find partners from the big scary outside world without ruining the decor?
Your new partner should “get you:” Make no mistake about it, just because they are a third-party service doesn’t mean they should be aloof to your company’s philosophy. They should be up to speed on what your corporate goals are. They should have an understanding as to the temperature of the current climate.
How does one do this? Well, through meetings, of course! Meetings aren’t the most thrilling part of anyone’s day, but it sure does help when it comes to getting to know new folks. Going to dinner is another way to make the situation of a “meeting” much more bearable and may allow for a more relaxed environment and improve supplier relationships.
Don’t overcommit: Hey, maybe you don’t need to sign that 10-year deal with a Kerri coffee cup provider. Trial runs can be your best friend when you are just getting to know a new business. It shouldn’t seem like an insult to them either, because hey, they should want to get to know you as well.
Beware of big promises: If someone is making grandiose promises as a way to attract your business, then “buyer beware” as the saying goes. If they can’t even be honest with you to start, why would they be when they have the account? The moon is unavailable to my friends, so move on from anyone who is promising it to you.
Check references: Don’t be afraid to ask them for recommendations. If they have them listed on their site as clients, reach out and kindly ask how the relationship has been. The new vendor will respect you for it. If they don’t, well, we are back to the old “buyer beware” saying.
New vendors are like new love interests. It’s best to start with coffee and shoot from the hip. Confusion down the road will only serve to create stress which could have avoided.

Check Issuing Wants To Change Your Business

 Check Issuing offers a service that can literally change your business. For the better.
At Check Issuing, we allow you the time to work on what it is that you do, which creates a better product business check, expand, and offer more services. When you don’t have to pay attention to things like check fraud, additional branding via your check and you have accounting reports for checks issued in our nifty interface, you save time.
Have you heard the recent news that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt every day?

He answered a lot of questions, but the one that got a lot of interest was, “Why do you wear the same T-shirt every day?”

For those who haven’t noticed, Zuckerberg wears the same gray T-shirt at most public events. While many expected a playful response, Zuckerberg gave a pretty serious answer for his penchant to wear the same gray shirt.

“I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” Zuckerberg said. (via business insider)

What does that have to do with us? Well, your check issuing aspect of your business is like Mark Zuckerberg’s shirt. And not having to decide “what shirt to wear” is Check Issuing for you. Isn’t that fantastic and nifty? When you have less to worry about, you have more to give to the things that really matter to you. That’s how you become more productive and allow your creativity to transcend your business to further heights!
So stop waking up every day and trying to figure out which shirt you should wear, instead, know that Check Issuing has you covered! Grab your smartphones and call today as the best ACH processing companies.