How to Send and Receive Checks by Fax?

Can you fax a check? Yes! In fact, one of the most common ways today to send a check is by fax, and it is an excellent option for secure delivery to a check recipient. In fact, sending and receiving checks by fax is one of the most preferred ways for companies to accept payments.
By following a few simple steps, checks can be safely printed and deposited across the country. Follow along to learn more about faxing checks and how to execute the process perfectly.
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How to Receive a Check by Fax

Five easy steps is all it takes to securely receive a faxed check. Be sure to pay attention to detail at each part of the process for the best results.
Here is the simple process for check faxing:
1. Sell the product or service. Before getting a faxed check, the product or service should be sold for the allotted amount of money.
2. Send a check authorization form. Once the item is sold, the seller can fax (or email) a check authorization form to the buyer. Make sure to have the correct fax number for the buyer. If the form is not sent back by fax, email or call the buyer to ensure the fax was received. In the memo line, the buyer can write ‘faxed check.’ It’s a good idea to ask the buyer to double check that the written information is clearly legible.
3. The buyer fills out the form. The buyer now fills out the authorization form with all the accurate information and sends it back along with a voided check. The voided check is critical to the next steps, so if it wasn’t sent in the fax, call or email the buyer to remind them to send a voided check to you immediately.
4. Enter the information. Enter the buyer’s check information into your secure check issuing program. Double check that the information on the voided check matches the information on the mock-up check. Additionally, compare the signature and information on the authorization form.
5. Print the check. Now you can print the check and simply deposit it into your account.
Sending and receiving checks by fax is easy; let’s take a look at a few of the top benefits of opting for this process.

Benefits of Sending a Check by Fax

● Instantaneous
Sending or receiving checks by fax ensures that it arrives immediately to where it needs to go. There are no “it’s in the mail excuses.” Instead, both parties can be held responsible for the timely execution of the check.
● Secure
Using a check issuing service ensures that checks are sent and received securely and quickly, without involving slow and lagging third parties. Additionally, faxes are registered by only the two parties involved; fax machines are not typically hacked for bank account information.
Paper trail
Faxing checks is a great way to keep a paper trail on client purchasers should there ever appear a discrepancy over what was purchased and for how much.
● Accuracy
Faxing checks makes it easy to write, read, and enter routing and account information accurately the first time, every time. Accurate checks save both money and time long-term, as well as a great deal of hassle.
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