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Company News 2015 & 2016: Launches Rainy Day Printing and Direct Mail

The Umbrella Company to Checkissuing and MailerHouse

Littleton, CO (PRWEB) November 29, 2016 – Crosstown Services, the parent company of Checkissuing, has slowly been improving since the day it opened for business in 2005. With all of its new enhancements, Crosstown Services has broken its glass ceiling. They are now proud to introduce Rainy Day Printing as their new brand name for all their printing services. Their team has worked hard to develop every service they offer while continuously adding to their capabilities, to be the best of the best in the printing industry.

In the past few years, their team has partnered up with Neopost. This collaboration has increased their aptitudes extensively in speed, productivity, quality, and credibility for all of their company check printing services. They are confident in all the potential their new technology can accomplish. No job is too big or small for Rainy Day Printing now. Their team can now perform at the level they always were ready for.

Rainy Day Printing’s new state of the art technology provided by Neopost, has also allowed their team to launch MailerHouse in the past year to print direct mail campaigns. MailerHouse provides many more printing services beyond check printing such as; Postcards, Letters, EOB’s, Invoices and Bills, Statement Processing, Business Cards, Flyers/Handouts/Coupons, Envelopes, 1099’s, and Warehousing Services.

Needless to say, their whole team at Rainy Day Printing is excited for what is to come in the business world. They are prepared and eager to team up with new clients, and old customers, to provide the best printing and mailing services we can.

About Rainy Day Printing: Rainy Day Printing was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 and based in Littleton, Colorado. With a combined 25 years of experience in the payment and technology sector, the Checkissuing team is more than capable of taking your printing and mailing obligations off your hands. They are PCI Compliant, SOC Report Registered, and the BBB has rated us with an A+.

“With all of these new state of the art capabilities we have gained in the past year, it felt necessary to rebrand our company name to Rainy Day Printing. It shows that we are here to compete with the bigger companies in our industry that Crosstown Services was not able to do.” – Rich Lloyd, CEO

 Rainy Day Printing – 8392 S. Continental Divide Rd, Suite #105, Littleton, CO 80127

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We Make Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Powerful

Checkissuing has recently teamed up with Neopost to ensure the highest quality of printing for their clients. With their new technology that Neopost has made available, Checkissuing can perform with a balanced mix of speed and color for high-end Direct Marketing Campaign. They are now capable of printing in brilliant full color at a resolution of 1600 Xx 1600 DPI while operating at speeds up to printing 7,500 envelopes per hour.

Direct Marketing is all about the direct connections a company makes with existing and potential customers to promote your products or service. One should start by optimizing the marketing opportunities they already have access to. Checkissuing allows all of their clients to customize their checks and envelopes with vivid colored logos to ensure their client’s brands will stand out in the mail. Checkissuing also has the ability to print colored inserts in with the checks as an extra marketing piece. These can be anything from promotions, limited discounts, or announcements printed at our new division – Rainy Day Printing.

Neopost is the global leader in mailing and printing solutions because of their color matrix of up to 16.8 million color options. With this technology, Direct Marketing can be easy and honest when partnered with Checkissuing. Marketing for any size company is no simple task but a critical one. Communicating directly with target audiences or current clients is a strategy that will never die. Get ahead of the game with Checkissuing and our new Neopost printing capabilities.

Take advantage of the simpler marketing tools such as placing a high-quality, vividly bright logo on a company’s checks and envelopes, or adding a marketing insert in with the checks. Adding something this minor, makes a drastic difference in the eyes of current clients. Seeing that professionalism on/in a simple piece of mail that individuals receive daily promotes reliability and credibility for any company and brand.

If any company is looking for a powerful Direct Marketing Campaign to be used as an insert, as individual mailing pieces, or electronically delivered, then Checkissuing is the right printing company to partner with.

About Checkissuing: Checkissuing was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 and is now based in Littleton, Colorado. With a combined 25 years of experience in the payment and technology sector, the Checkissuing team is more than capable of taking your printing and mailing obligations off your hands. They are PCI Compliant, SOC Report Registered, and the BBB has rated us with an A+.

“You can truly see the difference in how vivid the colors are with our new Neopost machines. All of our current clients are extremely pleased with how their colored logos and inserts look on their mailpieces with the new technology.” – Sean Sirochman, Head of Printing Operations Earns Complete SOC Accreditation

Successfully Upholding All Standards For An SOC 1-SSAE 16 Type II Audit By The AICPA

AICPAService Organization Controls (SOC) is a series of accounting standards that measure the control of financial information for a service organization. They are covered under both the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402 professional standards. In a fifty-page audit report, the American Institute of CPAs evaluated each system, policy, and practice in place to determine at the most granular level that is operating in an ethical, sustainable and suitable manner that is aligned with industry best practices.

“Obtaining SOC accreditation is not a simple process, and over the course of several months we complied with numerous requests for access from auditors,” said Mark Greenspan, founder of “We authorized AICPA access to our systems for a SOC 1-SSAE 16 Type II audit to ensure the strength of our core company processes, internal procedures, and data management controls. In the end, it was a worthwhile endeavor that has validated our business methods and enhanced our ability to provide industry-leading solutions for all of our client’s needs for services checks writing and mailing.”

A summary of the SOC 1-SSAE 16 Type II audit report is available upon the request of new or existing clients, showing many of the rigorous tests conducted by auditors and the complete satisfaction of each requirement to surpass the thresholds necessary to achieve full accreditation.

“Trust has always been the single most important part of our business, as it is with virtually any business,” explained Mr. Greenspan. “Having this additional certification in place is yet another way our company can continue to demonstrate our diligence and our daily effort to earn the trust of every entity we work with internally or externally on behalf of our clients. We maintain the highest level of transparency and will continue to evolve each phase of our operations toward the goal of becoming a perfect partner for every company seeking a payment processing solution that is simple and effective at every step from start to finish.”

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