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Checkissuing Company News 2017: Awards Won and HIPAA Regulations

checkissuing awards and HIPAACheckissuing distinguished with Two of FinancesOnline’s Best Invoicing Software Awards

‘A very safe and innovative check/document printing and mailing solution that streamlines check-related processes’ – this is how FinancesOnline’s experienced B2B team described Checkissuing.
Being featured by such a prominent software expertise provider was the cake, but the cherry on top for everyone was Checkissuing winning two of the platform’s best-known awards for our check writing services!
Our premier third-party check and document printing and delivery service can just become FinancesOnline’s 2017 Rising Star of best billing and invoicing software awards, having convinced experts of its capability to make delivery bulletproof.
The target winners of these awards are also rapidly developing systems that gained customers’ trust sooner than expected. When you turn 75 years of document management experience in a customer-oriented product, that’s the best recognition you can possibly earn for our company, Checkissuing, it’s worth it to win these awards.
The story, however, doesn’t end here – Checkissuing has also won awards for their Great User Experience Award for 2017, this time to honor its unique security features such as  Fourdrinier Watermark, Explicit Warning Bands, Chemical Wash Detection, and much more. Without having to install or update whatever, customers are now able to check third-party files and outsource their document mailing and delivery needs to a single system. This type of technology wins awards.
To make matters even better, it will be the very same system to replace standard checks with their branding accents and make their service more appealing and professional. The judges recognized these advances and thus the awards.

Checkissuing and HIPAA’s Privacy Rules: Keeping Fraudsters at Bay

There is nothing more important than keeping your personal information secure. This information is the gateway to your financial institutions, medical records, credit score, and other important personal accounts. We follow all the HIPAA laws and regulations in our check printing service.
Elevated threats of identity theft are part of our everyday lives and Checkissuing is committed to protecting our clients from these dangers by implementing medical records privacy laws, known as HIPPA.
Our top priority is to help them feel safe and secure when sending out payroll checks, documents, or tax statements to just name a few.

Ways Checkissuing is implementing HIPAA Rules

  • Utilization of a highly secured envelope. These HIPAA envelopes have a black tint which prevents information from being seen from the outside, unlike regular white standard envelopes.
  • Fourdrinier watermark image. This addition is the name of the paper or a company logo that when held up to the light can be viewed from both sides of the paper.  This feature makes it difficult for someone to duplicate.
  • Enhanced thermochromatic ink. This type of ink changes color when exposed to heat and then changes back to its original color when cooled which is an added characteristic to prevent fraud.
  • Chemical sensitivity.  To avoid any kind of removal, a chemical toner anchorage bonds the laser toner to the paper fiber surface. If alter a chemical reaction will cause the check to become faded or spotty.
  • Warning band disclaimer. This is included on the check stating the inclusion of security features.
  • Check Issuing recently become HIPPA compliant, which means higher levels of security. Any business that handles patient information must comply with the national HIPPA standards.  Business Associates need to ensure the privacy, security, and availability of protected health information (PHI) at all times. In order to do so, they must separate and address four specific rules:•
  •   The HIPAA Privacy Rule. This rule refers to identifiable health information that can be linked to a person
    •    HIPAA Security Rule. The technical and non-technical safeguards that organizations must put in place to secure individuals’ PHI as outlined in the privacy rule. The Rule protects PHI whether it is stored electronically or as a printed copy as HIPAA rules. We printed and distributed HIPAA handouts for employees company-wide.
    •    Facility Access Controls
    •    Workstation Use
    •    Workstation Security
    •    Device and Media Controls
  • Technical
    •    Access Control
    •    Transmission Security
    •    Audit controls
    •    Authentication procedures

Breach Notification Rule: As required by the HITECH Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services must post a list of data breaches that comprise unsecured protected health information.
To find out more about HIPPA visit:
Whether businesses are just starting out or an established business, at Checkissuing you can always count on us to protect your information.

New USPS First Class Mail Tracking Capabilities From Checkissuing

Check Issuing has recently made it possible for their clients to easily track the mail they print and send out on their client’s behalf. Their new partnership with Neopost has given them access to the Intelligent Mail Barcode, which will be printed on every piece of mail that comes out of their warehouse. This new feature will allow their clients to rest a little easier knowing exactly where their payments are at all time.
Not only do their clients have full access to their live updates in the Check Issuing system, but they now have the ability to keep track of their mail after it is placed into the US Postal Services. With this next generation USPS barcode technology, Check Issuing will be capable of updating each piece of mail with the data we receive from USPS. Their clients can then use the data we provide to predict the delivery date of each piece.
Another feature that comes with this new technology benefits both their clients and the individuals they are sending checks too. Their clients’ recipients will now receive tracking information for their payments. Once they obtain that information, they can come to the Check Issuing website, and input their personalized information into our tracking device to receive the live location of their payment. (pictured below).
The Check Issuing team is very excited about this new feature that they can share with their clients. It takes away a lot of the anxiety, individuals go through when waiting for their payments, as well as presents their clients with a more credible image. Providing their recipients with tracking information will keep ensuring satisfied customers, and will result in less human interaction when discussing the delivery time of every payment. USPA First Class Mail Tracking is an added benefit for their client and their client’s recipients, as well as takes out a lot of the uncertainty that the US Postal Service reputation carries. It is a win-win-win!
About Check Issuing: Check Issuing was founded in Phoenix, Arizona 2005 and is now based in Little ton, Colorado. With a combined 25 years of experience in the payment and technology sector, the Check Issuing team is more than capable of taking your printing and mailing obligations off your hands. They are PCI Compliant, SOC Report Registered, and the BBB has rated us with an A+.
“We are really excited about our new tracking feature. This allows not only our clients to keep track of their payments, but it also gives our clients payees the resources to know when to expect their payment in the mail. It makes the whole process much easier for both sides.” – Christine Lloyd, Director
This process release first appeared on PRWeb:

Checkissuing’s New Insert & Document Features

LITTLETON, COLORADO, USA, April 5, 2017, / — Checkissuing has been known as a leading check printing and mailing company for businesses to outsources to since 2005. Recently they have jumped into a new industry with the launch of their new Statement Inserts & Document Features. Their development team has been very thorough and mindful as they dip their toes into the large industry of mass printing.
Checkissuing’s new Insert & Document Features have caught a lot of attention from their current clients, with many of them already utilizing the new feature. The Inserts and Documents they offer, (to be sent in along with the check payments or sent as individual pieces of mail) are; monthly financial statements, accounts payable invoices, EOB’s, letters, marketing pieces and more. Their development team spent much of their time testing the new programs before the launch, to ensure that the matching capabilities were guaranteed.
“It was critical to me that we developed something that was going to be user friends and very reliable. Before launching this feature, we had to make sure it was a 100% guarantee that the PDF insert would match with the correct check payments. I am now very confident that our clients will utilize this feature with ease and comfort.”
– Dan Orlando, Lead Developer at Checkissuing
Launching their easy-to-use Insert & Document Features has allowed Checkissuing to broaden their industry solutions. They are now able to give their clients a full payment solution, as well as a direct mail campaign. Having a secure PDF-to-check payment matching platform offers your customers reassurance that the correct check and statement will be going to the appropriate beneficiary. This is especially important for the healthcare industry, payroll services companies, and the accounts payable statements their clients wish to send out.
The Insert & Document Features also makes it very easy for businesses to expand on their branding and marketing promotions. There is never a wrong time to get your name out there with marketing pieces, company announcement, or adding your logo/brand to the items your company sends out.
About Checkissuing: Checkissuing is a software company founded in Phoenix, Arizona in2005. With a combined 25 years of experience in the payment and technology sector, the Checkissuing team is more than capable of taking your printing and mailing obligations off your hands. They are PCI Compliant, SOC Report Registered, and the BBB has rated us with an A+.
“This is the direction we have wanted our company to go for a while now. Having a full payment solution as well as an address verification service for our clients to utilize has been the goal for Checkissuing. Now that we have more and more clients interested in our insert option, we are excited about our opportunities to grow from here. ”
– Mark Greenspan, CEO at Checkissuing