Checkissuing Company News 2018: 10th Anniversary and Two Industry Awards

Checkissuing Celebrates their 10 Year Anniversary

The lucrative thing about being in the same business, of mailing and printing check services, for a long period of time, is getting to know the ins and outs, the good and grimy, of your industry. Over the past 10 years, Checkissuing has developed and provided relevant software solutions for businesses to assist them with their payment transfers along with the ancillary associated services. As one of the few independent and self-funded firms in the market, Checkissuing has achieved significant organic revenue growth since its inception.
Checkissuing has officially spent 10 years learning the print checks online market and using the knowledge to develop new strategies suitable for each client. The newest member of Checkissuing, Rodney Jacobs- COO, is thrilled to join the team by quoting, “ Customers should feel 100% safe and secure with their third-party check outsourcing services at Checkissuing. I am honored to fill the position in operations and security, especially with Checkissuing and the direction we are heading in”
Checkissuing was founded in August 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona and the dedicated, innovative team is headquartered in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. After having accumulated decades of experiences providing innovative solutions to client-partners, they have worked diligently in creating a robust, user-friendly system for check writing and mailing services.
“I am filled with pride in the relationships created amongst Checkissuings employees, clients, and business partners since we began in 2008. This has been a busy, invigorating journey and we are very excited to continue with fresh ideas and innovations” says Mark Greenspan. Checkissuing expansion included the purchase of all entirely new printing equipment, including the most reliable names on the market. Checkissuing ability to develop solutions for their customers’ specific needs have to lead to absolute growth for new systems in ACH, API, their security department, and more. The company has expressed great excitement for the launch of an updated security system and other future endeavors.

Platform for Software Reviews awards Checkissuing with 2 Industry Recognitions for Billing and Invoicing Software


Our innovative accounts payable payment solution, Checkissuing, was recently awarded the 2018 Great User Experience and 2018 Rising Star awards by FinancesOnline’s SaaS and B2B software review experts. FinancesOnline is a popular independent software review platform designed to aid companies in finding the optimal platform that can improve their day-to-day processes and drive growth to their business.

In their Checkissuing review, FinancesOnline described our platform as a “very safe and innovative” platform for streamlining check-related processes. Because Checkissuing makes it easy to swiftly set-up check printing and mailing needs in a highly-scalable capacity, we received their Great User Experience award for 2018. Software solutions that receive this recognition for best billing software have surpassed FinancesOnline’s quality standards for ease of use of starting the product and intuitiveness in facilitating one’s work processes.

With our platform providing users with a highly-secure and first-class mail delivery, clients are guaranteed to deliver checks and email that are safe from prying eyes and abide by strict laws. Checkissuing also allows for personalization in your checks for the clear branding of your company. This allowed us not only to earn a spot in their invoicing software, but we were also distinguished as a Rising Star for 2018. We currently hold a high 100 percent user satisfaction rating on FinancesOnline, showing that our clients had a pleasant experience in using Checkissuing as the software directory uses its Customer Satisfaction Algorithm to gather user feedback from across the web to determine the overall perception of real users on a product.