Frank Abagnale, A Corporate Check Fraud Gold Mine.

Photo by B Rosen
You’ve probably seen the movie, Catch Me If You Can. You probably really enjoyed the fast paced, even humorous and exciting look at infamous check fraud and identity thief professional Frank Abagnale. He’s now turned to helping the good guys as a check security consultant (I mean who better to do this job than Frank). He taught us a lot, he taught the FBI a lot, he taught corporations a lot. Check fraud and identity theft isn’t new and it isn’t going way. In fact, but check fraud and identity theft have never been more thriving, particularly with the fast emergence of new technologies and people’s general malaise for securing their personal information. Apathy by people, like using simple passwords or not shredding documents, contributes to a great deal of the known issues.
Corporation, not just the everyday Joe, should also pay attention to this matter. They are scammed at astronomical and growing rates. But many corporations don’t even realize they don’t exactly have to hire Frank to come run their show, they could instead outsource to a third party check disbursement company like Check Issuing. Yep, we are your very own Frank Abagnale, and for much less the cost! Security is everything, fraud is headaches, Check Issuing is peace of mind.
Check fraud and identity theft are simple preventable. In many ways, when it happens, it is inexcusable on the victim’s side. Much of it is contributed to personal apathy and corporate mismanagment. Having a third party check issuing company handle your payments is a great start.
Check out this video of Frank discussing his life and the issues at large. There is a lot to learn about security fraud here.

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