Checkissuing and HIPAA’s Privacy Rules: Keeping Fraudsters at Bay

Checkissuing and HIPAA’s Privacy Rules: Keeping Fraudsters at Bay

There is nothing more important than keeping your personal information secure. This information is the gateway to your financial institutions, medical records, credit score and other important personal accounts. Elevated threats of identity theft are part of our everyday lives and Check Issuing is committed to protecting our Clients from these dangers. Our top priority is to help them feel safe and secure when mailing payroll checks, documents, or tax statements to just name a few.

Here are ways Check Issuing is keeping information safe.

  • Utilization of a high secured envelopes. These envelopes have a black tint which prevents information from being seen from the outside, unlike regular white standard envelopes.
  • Fourdrinier watermark image. This additional is the name of the paper or a company logo that when held up to the light can be viewed from both sides of the paper.  This feature makes it difficult for someone to duplicate.
  • Enhanced thermochromatic ink. This type of ink changes color when exposed to heat and then changes back to its original color when cooled which is a added characteristic to prevent fraud.
  • Chemical sensitivity.  To avoid any kind of removal, a chemical toner anchorage bonds the laser toner to the paper fiber surface. If alter a chemical reaction will cause the check to become faded or spotty.
  • Warning band disclaimer. This is included on the check stating the inclusion of security features.
  • Check Issuing recently become HIPPA compliant, which means higher levels of security. Any business that handles patient information must comply with the national HIPPA standards.  Business Associates need to ensure the privacy, security, and availability of protected health information (PHI) at all times. In order to do so, they must separate and address four specific rules:•    HIPAA Privacy Rule. This rule refers to identifiable health information that can be linked to a person
    •    HIPAA Security Rule. The technical and non-technical safeguards that organizations must put in place to secure individuals’ PHI as outlined in the privacy rule. The Rule protects PHI whether it is stored electronically or as a printed copy.
    •    Facility Access Controls
    •    Workstation Use
    •    Workstation Security
    •    Device and Media ControlsTechnical
    •    Access Control
    •    Transmission Security
    •    Audit controls
    •    Authentication procedures

Breach Notification Rule: As required by the HITECH Act, the Secretary of Health and Human Services must post a list of data breaches that comprise unsecured protected health information.
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Whether businesses are just starting out or an established business, at Check Issuing you can always count on us to protect your information.
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