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How To Create A Super Successful Work Environment

work environment tipsWe all want the same thing. Success! One of the things that many people seem to forget about is their work environment and workplace culture. Don’t you want to be your best and as productive as humanly possible then you need a strong corporate culture? That is just the start!
Heck, you might even want to consider staying right where you are for the long haul. And that’s great! But to work to your potential and find the success you will want yourself and your team members to be in the best possible environment. There are many options. It all depends on your mission, your brand, your style, and your fit. Here’s how to improve workplace culture. At our third party check printing plant, we work hard to create a positive and productive work environment.
Let’s discuss some options and you can decide from there. These 10 positive work behaviors should get you off to a great start!

The “I” In “Team” Environment

This is an environment that builds on the team, but individually. Each individual works uniquely at their craft, while still building the team and reaching all of the ultimate goals together. All individuals take responsibility for their work and actions, even though the work is just a part of what the team is completing. Every employee has their piece of the puzzle. But the puzzle is only completed when all of the pieces are added in.

The Flexible Environment

This is the type of environment that instills a great deal of trust in employees. What I mean by this is that often times employee can choose to work remotely or flexible hours. This does not mean that less work is accomplished, this means the honor system is put into action. As long as the utmost productivity and work are completed, everyone can work as they wish in our department of statement printing and mailing services.

Euro-Style Environment

This environment is very team oriented. Everything is open…so basically no doors, no walls, no nothing. Everyone can pretty much see each other. And boy, does this work as an icebreaker into this type of work environment. Not only can you see everyone, but you can hear them as well. You learn to focus on other noise around you which can train you to hyper-focus when necessary. A lot of companies are designing their workspaces like this. It really builds the TEAM.

The Questionable Environment

This is the type of environment where questions are not only welcomed but encouraged as well. The entire team is involved and it produces a lot of energy for the group. No one should be discouraged and all questions, ideas, and debates are welcome.

The Tell-All Environment

This is an environment that is extremely open communication wise. Not only do the managers and supervisors offer constructive criticism, but the employees are encouraged to communicate and critique as well. This sounds chaotic, but honestly, if done correctly (and not out of spite), then everyone gains from it. Think about it, you need to know what you are doing right or wrong, and it allows you the opportunity to better yourself and your craft. Every position wins!
As you can see, there are a variety of work environments that can fit with your style of work and office type. It’s always ok to change things if something is not working. Find what suits your needs and be sure to have everyone on board. These things always work better when everyone is aware of their environment!

Work Environment Don’ts:  Hate To Be Uncomfortable At Your Desk?

Who doesn’t? After all, it is where we spend a majority of our days…sitting down and at our desk. It is extremely important to be sitting correctly. Think about it, you can wreck your health and your productivity if you are positioned in a bad way. Check out these pointers for a comfortable wworkspace

Position Your Monitor Correctly

Do you ever feel neck and back strains? I bet you do. Especially if you do not have your monitor at eye level. This is very important so you are not shrugging your shoulders and sitting with bad posture. Be sure to adjust your monitor so it is eye level, not higher than eye level and certainly not lower than eye level.

Take Eye Breaks

If you are like me and you work on a computer all day and night, then you must take care of your eyes. Be sure to take little breaks, even if it is just looking away for a short amount of time. You can really put a lot of strain on your eyes which leads to headaches and eye issues. So take mini breaks as needed. Basically ,take your eyes off of the monitor for short bursts of time.

Check The Light

Make sure you have great natural light in your office. If you don’t, then place a lamp on your desk. Don’t entirely depend on fluorescent lights and definitely do not depend on the dark. There you go again, straining those eyes! Take care of yourself!

Kick Back In A Great Chair

Well, maybe not kick back, after all this IS work we are talking about. Just be sure that what you spend the entire day sitting on supports your back (and your behind too)! Just know that this will not only be great in supporting your back, but will most definitely improve your productivity as well.

The Top Tools For Decision-Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Sometimes it is all just too much. We must remember to stop and take a breath, think about the issue at hand and look at it from every angle. It is tough because you don’t want to make a decision in a jiffy, although you don’t want to take too long either. You truly have to find a balance. Do you ever feel like you made a bad decision because you were under pressure and people were standing there waiting on your next word? It sure is frustrating, but you can do it if you use these top decision-making tools.

Think About The Future

I know, I am giving you one more thing to think about, sorry! Think about how this decision will affect the future. This can help seal the deal on a decision for you. Often times we think we have made the best decision, unfortunately, the decision was best for now and this second. Not the best option for the future. Consider both now and later.

Breathe Before Deciding

More often than not we find ourselves blurting out something because we are in crisis mode. Quick decisions are necessary sometimes, but you really need to take a deep breath and think about how you want to take action. You will feel a lot better about your decision if you think before you speak.

Listen To Yourself Speak

The only real way to do this is to talk out loud while you make a decision. Share your thoughts with another coworker or peer. This way you can hear how it sounds and get a second opinion. Sometimes it just takes hearing the decision coming out of your own mouth or someone else’s mouth to confirm it or to change your mind.

Have A Clear Explanation

Explain why you are making this particular decision and how you have come to your conclusion. We often find that people disagree only because they do not understand the circumstance or how the decision will affect other aspects of a company. Make yourself clear and communicate all that you can. This way, you will see that most people will have a better understanding and maybe even agree with you too!
Good decision-makers are not just lucky. They study and have the ability to think in a complex way. Everyone is always in a hurry and there are too many easy ways to respond quickly and without thought. Do not fall into this trap. Don’t sit around and not respond but give things the amount of thought that they deserve and consider everyone and everything at hand. Then communicate your response effectively. With these tools, you are already on your way to a better decision-making you!

Why Third-Party Check Services Matter

“We are doing fine.”
“Why rock the boat right now, we aren’t that big?”
“I hate using third-party services; we can never find a good one.”
The fact is, there are a large number of excuses as to why a company might avoid using a third-party check writing service as an extension of their accounting. I get it. But the fact is, more and more companies are opting to utilize these services as a way to cut costs and increase professionalism and timeliness of checks.
As one of the company’s decision-making executives, it is up to you to find better enhancements that help lower business cost and raise brand awareness. Writing checks are an important part of your business (and a dangerous part, if you aren’t careful). Just leaving such function to chance is never a good idea.
At Check Issuing, we get clients. No, we “get them,” but we also really GET THEM. Like, we understand you. We know that your product matters to you. As a third party check writing service, Check Issuing runs in the backdrop. We are reliable and friendly. We are professional and progressive. Our decades worth of combined experience in this business mean we leave no stone unturned.
Check fraud is a thriving business. We often forget how lucrative it is for criminals because so many of us never personally write checks anymore. But, I bet your company writes them all the time. Checks are a direct path to your bank’s funds. Criminals know this and won’t hesitate in committing check fraud. We use safe checks as a way to help prevent this kind of bank fraud. We also make available security checks. We also use MICR technology which provides secure and high-speed scanning and processing of information throughout bank networks.
We also allow you to simply and quickly brand your checks with your company’s logo. Hey, why not? Your checks should be presented in the most professional manner possible!
Get with a Check Issuing representative today. Our customer service bars none, the absolute best. Our priority is return clients. We consider all of our customers to be family. We will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure you are happy with all of our check writing, printing and mailing services.