How To Send A Check Through The Mail Safely

How to Send a Check Through the Mail Safely

In this age of modern technology where most of the information is carried out digitally, it’s easy to forget how we used to get around. This includes everything from methods of communication to payment methods and many other aspects of everyday life. But what happens when you need to use a check, for example? 
A check isn’t out of the game yet. Many rely on it as the only option for payment, while others use it on occasion when required. If this occasion dictates that you need to send a check via mail, the chances are that you’re probably clueless on how to do it, right?
Well, we’re here to resolve that problem for you and shine some light on the matter of sending a check via mail safely. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Safe Bets When Sending a Check via Mail

Before you can safely send a check through the mail, there are some precautions to take. Naturally, you can’t just pick your favorite postal service and proceed towards sending a check via regular mail using the standard method. But why is that? Although not illegal, sending money or checks in this case via mail is not advisable. 
There are many reasons why starting from the first and most obvious – it’s not the safest way to send money. The letter can be lost, stolen, or even misplaced during shipping. It simple words, there’s a lot of risks involved in sending mail through the mail, and it shouldn’t be your first option. However, if this is your only option to send a check, there are things to consider to ensure that the recipient gets the check.

  • Use colored, or an otherwise special type of letter
  • Fold a piece of paper to hide the check 
  • Use a greeting card to hide the check 
  • Be specific about recipient info and deposit details 
  • Consider using electronic payment or online check sending services

Using the methods mentioned above, you’ll definitely minimize the risk of getting your check stolen, misplaced, or not delivered to the recipient in any other way. If you’re still wondering how to mail a check safely and interested in the details of each method, here’s how. 
how to mail a check

Using a Special Type of Letter

You can get a special type of letter, either colored or using Special delivery, to make sure that the recipient actually gets it. To get a colored letter, you can ask the clerk in the postal office. They will usually provide several options when it comes to colored letters. You can also bring your own unique letter as long as it’s possible to write and read the sending info. Also, the postmark should be able to stick.
When it comes to sending a letter via special delivery, all you need to do is state that this is your preferred method to a clerk, and they’ll fill you in the details. In general, it isn’t really much different than mailing a regular letter in terms of which information it requires, mailing process, etc. It is, however, the safest way to send a check through the mail. It will arrive faster, and chances of being misplaced or stolen during delivery are close to a zero.

Hiding a Check in the Letter

If you don’t want to pay an extra fee for special delivery, or simply don’t prefer this option for whichever reason, you can hide the check. This way, it won’t be obvious that the letter contains a check. To do this, get a piece of paper colored or regular. Make sure that it isn’t extra thin so that the check can’t be seen through it. 
Once you’ve picked the type of paper, you want to use, fold it and place the check inside. You can fold it several times or only one, depending on the type and transparency of the paper. The alternative is that you use a colored paper or a greeting card. Although the colored paper is visible inside a letter, it isn’t obvious that it hides a check. 
Wondering how to send a check using a greeting card? It’s pretty simple. First, pick your favorite greeting card — something that matches the season, or maybe about the upcoming holiday.
Now, fill the greeting card, open it, and place the check inside it. No one will dare to “misplace” a letter containing a Thanksgiving greeting card. Also, whoever you’re sending the check to, will love the detail and intention. You can combine using the special delivery service and hiding the check for guaranteed safety.

Using Specific Info and Restricting the Check

Although forging a signature as well as other details required to cash the check is hard, it isn’t impossible. This is why we’re inclined to hide the check in the first place when using regular mail. 
If you don’t want to hide the check, you can restrict it. To do this, fill in the details as you normally would, and add for “deposit only” at the end. This way, the only way the recipient will be able to get the money is by getting to a bank. You can also fill the check so that the money is directly transferred to a specific bank account. 
How do you restrict the check this way? Add Pay to the Order of Sample Bank follower by the account of the recipient as well as the payee’s signature. This makes forging or otherwise stealing the funds virtually impossible. Even if someone manages to steal the letter with a check, they won’t be able to do anything with it. 
Using Specific Info and Restricting the Check

Using Online Services

If you’re still aren’t convinced that sending a check via mail is safe, there is an alternative. This is, of course, sending the check online. There are many ways you can do this; however, make sure that the services are legit and verified. You can use this one to send a check online, or any other source with the same security measures. 
This way it’s guaranteed that the check will arrive safely and that the recipient will get their money much faster. Using a regular mail takes a couple of days to send it, while this method is almost instantaneous.