How To Improve Your Business Creativity and Writing

I’m not always sure exactly how much business sense I have naturally. That seems like a strange assertion, considering I work in business, but the truth is, the “business mind” and the “creative mind” are almost inseparable. The problem is, we often forget that truth. We think of business minded people as boring, suit-wearing, briefcase-toting, individuals who don’t exactly light up a room with comedic improv.
The importance of creativity and innovation is that the battle of business is often won at the creative level. Being creative enhances your ability to win at business, it is that simple. But being creative isn’t something which comes naturally to everyone.
The biggest issue with creativity is that unlike other abilities, many assume creativity is something a person either has or doesn’t have. But that’s a false assumption. Creativity is a skill as much as it can be a natural inclination.
So how can we become a little more creative in business? Here are a few ways to up your innovation and creativity at work.

How to Improve Your Business Creativity

Don’t just read your comfort zone, branch out: Read news, arts, listen to music, watch shows, you don’t normally watch. Expanding your mind is a large part of creativity. It arms you with an arsenal of new ideas and concepts which broaden the mind’s awareness. You want to exercise your brain by constantly feeding it new media.

  • Take an Improv Class: People who take improv comedy classes aren’t just people looking to make in Saturday Night Live or just people who want to improve their social issues; it is also for people who want to enhance their own creativity. Improv means you spending an hour a day (or however often you choose to do it) inventing ideas and characters and concepts and even tangible objects. This flexes the mind’s creative muscle which will help you in your ordinary life.
  • Try writing: Write poems, haikus, or even an essay about a time in your childhood. Teach your brain to think creatively and come up with written ideas using words.
  • Try painting: Painting classes are incredibly popular nowadays. If you google them, you will find many painting classes that allow you to bring beer or wine, even. The instructors often teach you how to paint a pre-decided picture, but you can request private sessions and choose your own ideas. The group classes are really fun and inspiring.
  • Just let your mind wander: Relax, gaze out the window, breath. Sounds easier than it actually is, but doing so can really improve your creativity. And in this case, it is a skill which can help you solve problems using creativity. When you are presented with an issue at the office or with your business, you need to be able to relax and harness the creative solutions which are always inside of you, you just need to channel them.

Creativity is a must-have skill when it comes to running a business. Like any skill, it can always be improved. Writing a daily Check Issuing article helps with creativity as well (any takers?). Check out my favorite business creativity books.  I’d love to get some help around this place!
Oh and if you just want to have a creative discussion, give us a call and let’s talk! At Check Issuing, we love to learn about new businesses. Who knows, maybe it is a good opportunity to be “created.”
Business creativity and innovation
Importance of creativity in business

Check Issuing Could Change Your Company (for the better)

Running a small business can subject an executive or founder to a tremendous amount of clutter. But how much of that clutter is necessary clutter? That’s the real core of the issue.
Most clutter is something which if we take a few moments, we can make complete sense of (there is logic in the chaos). The best way a company can relieve itself of disorganization and infectious wasted time is to make sure that there is an organizational flowchart present that entire company abides by. From employees to contractors, the company should have a chart which outlines and displays the flow of tasks and strategy.
This is a first step which should put on display not only a great efficient workflow but also areas in your company which might be bogged down by unnecessary tasks. In other words, this could give you feedback on points in your company which could be outsourced.
Wait, did I just suggest letting go of your entire staff? I’m like the evil consultant from Office Space!
Ok, let’s not be so darn dramatic. I wasn’t saying anything of the sort. But (warning, pat on the back traveling at insane speeds is about to launch), there are items, such as  //, which you could outsource and save money and relish in security. Only, however, if you knew of a good company that you could trust with such a hefty task. Wait, that’s us! Check Issuing!
The fact is, your flowchart might not have considered check disbursement to be a real point of inefficiency, however it most certainly can create lag. It can also create risks, such as succumbing to the throes of check fraud. And it can also be lost opportunity: Are you STILL sending plain checks? At Check Issuing, we know the business of check disbursement better than anyone else. We have a combined experience which is cast over decades worth of time. We understand check security; your business will be in amazing hands. And we can also brand your checks with your company’s logo, adding a level of professionality to your business.
Companies who grow to be successful understand the value that comes with outsourcing strategically – like your online check printing to us! You don’t need to layoff anyone to make this work, you need to identify where your personnel might be better utilized to work on more pertinent and pressing issues.

 How To Choose a Third-Party Check Writing Service

When choosing a third-party check writing service, you should always take into account several factors:
Does the check service provide ultra-secure checks? Listen, bank and check fraud are still very real threats. While many people tend to understate check fraud due to the rise of debit cards, the fact is, check fraud remains a billion-dollar business for networks of criminals. Your business security relies on your ability to protect your financial information.
At Check Issuing, that’s exactly what we do. We protect the integrity of your checks. When we mail checks on your behalf, those checks are sent in secure envelopes. Our envelope security features include Fourdrinier Watermark, Thermochromatic Ink, Toner Anchorage, Explicit Warning Bands, Chemical Wash Detection Box, Visible Fibers and Payee Area Protection. The checks are also verified at the bank at the point of the presentation. We use a magnetic ink character recognition for a character recognition system which adds to security. Security is a big deal to Check Issuing because we know it is a big deal to our clients.
We can customize your checks. When your customers receive your checks, they should look sharp. A professional check is the reflection of a professional business. We can easily place your company’s logo on your checks.
We make dispersing memorandums, coupons and all sorts of company messaging easy. Look, not everyone opens an email, but everyone opens a check. Want someone to learn something new about your company or receive a discount code? Let Check Issuing place it inside your check envelope.
Our reporting interface and upload interface is top of the line. Easily upload your files using Secure EV-SSL 128-bit encrypted file upload system via our admin. Your information is safe with us.
If all these reasons aren’t enough, call us and find out about our check writing and mailing services. Our customer service is amazing. We love our clients, our business thrives only because we have return clients!