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Online Check Writing Service – 8 Things to Look For

The most common business advice is making sure that your company’s finances are in solid condition. One of the foundations of this is a healthy cash flow. To keep things stable, you need a check writing system that works for your business’s needs, even as those change. 
So, how do you find check writing companies that you can truly rely on? What signs can you look for that mean a service will meet your needs not only today but tomorrow as well? Luckily, there are adaptable services meant to help businesses for the long haul. Here’s how to find the right one for your needs.

1. Printing and Mailing Checks for Your Company

This should be a given, but there are services that just handle parts of this operation. You want to find an online check writing service that handles the full operation for you. You want a company that can print the checks and mail them to your employees. 
Some financial companies no longer offer this service because so many financial transactions happen paper-free these days. Because of this, they no longer offer the full service of handling the entire process for your company. However, if you’re going to have your checks printed for your business, you want a service that handles printing them and getting them where they’re going without causing extra steps for you. At, for example, we make sure the job is properly done. 
Many businesses still want to offer paper checks. Sometimes, there are situations where this is necessary for legal, security, or tracking reasons. As a result, there are still financial companies that can handle this for you.
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2. An Intuitive Check Writing System

When you work with a check writing service, you want the company’s online system to make sense to you. Beyond the initial setup, you will be using the online services on a regular basis. If the system causes you frustration and is more difficult to use than it needs to be, you’re only causing yourself more headaches. A great service will have an easy-to-use online system and customer service to help you should anything go awry. 

3. Mail Tracking for Peace of Mind

How do you know that your checks got where you sent them? If you’re sending out a large number of checks, this can be more frustrating. You need a company that will offer you the option to track your mail. 
Even if that doesn’t seem important initially, it’s an option you may need down the road. This comes in handy as it makes your business appear more professional when a problem arises. 
For example, with tracking, you can see when your checks have entered the mail system and when they’ve arrived. If recipients report an issue with getting their check, you can give them the tracking data. It shows that you’re a business that cares about handling payments properly. This reflects well and shows your business takes the extra step to get things done professionally.
The best check writing companies will offer you a mail run data file (MRDF) that will show you the important information each time your mail gets scanned.

4. An Instant Setup Process

A long and dragged-out setup process stops a lot of people from getting their check writing service needs set up at all. In the long term, an easy-to-use system for your regular needs is the most important thing. However, an instant setup process is a good sign that the system works, that the financial company has thought about your needs, and that things are going to run well. 

5. Easy Online Check Writing Service Setup Assistance

If you have a problem during setup, do you know how to get in touch with someone? It’s a good sign if the check writing companies you are looking at offer access to a development team. These are professionals trained in assisting businesses during the setup process. The development team should have experience and should know how to listen to your individual needs, and the team should then help you through the setup process. Knowing how to get help from the right people will save your business time, money, and frustration. 

6. Flexible Options Like No Monthly Minimums 

Do you need a company that is flexible to your needs? Perhaps you do a lot of paper checks early in the year but never during the summer. Or perhaps your business has unpredictable paper check needs. 
A lot of today’s businesses need this service, but their needs fluctuate. This can be frustrating when so many services have monthly minimums or force you to subscribe to specific payment plans that lock you into specific numbers. If your business needs fluctuate, then you need a service with flexible pricing options. These exist, so there’s no need for you to settle with a service that doesn’t really work for you. 

7. A Scalable Check Writing Service as Your Needs Grow

If your needs are small, then you need a service that will allow you a plan without a monthly minimum. However, what if your needs are larger down the line? What if you need to be able to send out thousands of checks in one month? What if that becomes a regular occurrence for your growing business?
For this reason, you need a company with scalable services. The best business finance companies will be able to handle your needs when you only need small jobs done just as well as when your needs are large in scale. 

8. An Address Cleansing Service That Has Your Back

Every time one of the checks you’ve mailed returns to your business, that costs your company time and money. It’s a common occurrence with the mail system today. It’s just too easy for people to write the address down incorrectly or give an address that’s no longer valid. 
Great printing firms will have your back on this by offering an address cleansing service. Before they mail the checks they’ve printed for your business, they scan the addresses through this service. An alert pops up before the check is officially sent off. If an alert comes up telling the company that the address is invalid, the check will be properly handled before it is ever actually mailed. This saves you time and money in the long run. 
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The Right Company Makes Things Easier

At the end of the day, any service you hire for your business’s finances has to be one that you trust. You’ll know this feeling when you get a sense of relief after working with the company. 
Did this list help you feel more confident in making the right choice for your business? We’re always here to answer your questions if you need more information to make your decision. Discover how can work for your unique needs. Get a free quote on our website today.