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Social Media Secrets You Don’t Want Your Business To Ignore

Many tried to fight it, while others decided to make money from it.
Social media websites can be useful for both a personal and a business presence. It can be quite lucrative as well. Why? Because you can build yourself an audience and with this audience, drive sales and market to them from the top social media sites. Here are 4 secrets that you don’t want your business to ignore with social media.

Employee Support

You can instantaneously quadruple your reach by gaining the support of your very own employees. This way you are gathering a much larger audience. Realize that this will earn you more shares and broaden your reach. This drives your sales. If more people see your company’s presence, then more people buy. It’s easy math.

Customer Service

Social Customer Service has increased immensely. More and more brands are using social media accounts to provide customer support. It turns out that it is much cheaper than phone customer support. Let’s be honest with ourselves, nobody likes the phone anymore. Everyone is in a hurry and wants to have their problem solved yesterday. As we move into the future we see that a lot of our relationships are built via social media. Social support saves your business from a lot of drama. It is a quick way for customers and your audience to have their questions answered and problems solved.

Recruiting Employees

Sure, it is competitive looking for work, but it is also difficult and extremely competitive when seeking out quality candidates. Job recruiters and headhunters are great but don’t you also want to get into the minds of people already engaged with your company? Somebody who is eager and passionate about your brand. Your social media should be a constant arena that reminds its audience of your vision and mission. The culture of the company. These are all things that potential employees should be interested in. You don’t want someone who just wants a job. The company page, as well as current employees, can share job opportunities. Basically, your social media is like your PR person when it broadcasts the lifestyle of your employees and inner office. This gets people interested in being a part of your team.


Instead of waiting weeks to conduct a survey. Use your social media platforms to do real-time surveys. This way you are tracking and analyzing in the now. Heck, it doesn’t hurt to follow-up with customers either. Surveys can be annoying but they are even more annoying when they come later on. Then they become easily forgotten. Survey instantly and complete your data immediately. Make it easier on everyone.
As you can see, social media supports many of the things that we spend endless hours on. Be sure to have business profiles on top 25 social media sites.
Obviously, time is still spent, but responses are immediate and data is instant. Take advantage and build your business up. This doesn’t mean you have to do Either/Or, it means to simplify for everyone involved.

Mobilize Your Business Now with Google Drive

My phone is pretty much attached to my hand, on my lap or in my pocket all day. I am not even embarrassed to admit this and do you want to know why? Because I bet yours is too. My point is that in today’s world everything relies on that silly looking miniature tablet/phone/everything else combo. Just think about it for a second. It is crystal clear. Most businesses want to advertise where there are lots of people and events. Well, people are always near their phones. Here are a few tips to make sure your company is mobile ready.

Mobile Test Website

This is crucial!  You must have a website that is mobile-friendly. This is simple to do. On a desktop or laptop, open up the site. Next, move the cursor over the right bottom section and drag it to a small view. If your site doesn’t do this (resizing the texts and images) then you have to make some changes in order to be compliant with mobile. Trust me, you don’t want to waste people’s time. Everyone is on the go all the time and their smartphone is their portable resource center…for everything!

Get A Mobile Ad

Just think about it, if mobile is the new thing and everyone has it and uses it, then we want a piece of that audience paying attention to our brands. Therefore there is a huge growth in mobile advertising.  Get it while it’s hot folks. Even if some rely on laptops or desktops to access the Internet, more rely on phones. The trend is blatantly showing you that you’re likely to see more mobile ads when you are using your smartphone. Think about the ads you see while scrolling through social media or even apps. Some people are not directly looking for your product. Mobile ads draw customers in…like huge marquee signs. Mobile ads, another MUST!

Put Yourself In Customer’s Position

Put the time in and research the mobile arena. Take a look at other businesses and see what they are doing. Figure out what attracts people to your business in the first place, as well as what turns them into a returning customer. Once again, you and your customers are always on your phones. Build on this. Embrace it. Your mobile website alone or along with a mobile app is a fantastic way to build loyalty. Help your customers trust you and your product by allowing them to easily navigate in and around your business.
Take advantage of mobile! Your customers are waiting and basically holding your advertisement in their hands all day every day. Engage your customers. Slip into tomorrow connected.

How Google Drive Can Help Your Business

Google Drive is the ultimate time saving online software. And for the most part (unless you are someone who needs a ton of storage), Google Drive is free. At Check Issuing, we use it for things like sharing files and sharing documents for our services such as ACH payment processing for small business. It can almost completely replace Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The number of benefits is literally endless, if you haven’t started to get to know this product yet, you need to start today. It is easy to learn and can literally change the way you do business with internal employees, clients and customers. Lets look at some of the benefits here.
Ability to quickly share. Who wants to attach a big Excel file to an email and send it to someone who has to wait for that crap to load on their end? Its a really messy way to do things these days and waste a lot of time. With Google Drive, your Excel like dthe ocument is simply a link which you can easily pass from person to person using email, your messenger, or even your phone! Someone on the other end is able to quickly open it up and browse the content of the file. This also holds true with Documents (like Microsoft Word). You can have a whole strategic document loaded into one simple linke.
Ability to work together. Ok, so follow me here….if you use Excel or Word and want to collaborate, you need to do your part, then send the document off to someone else so that they can add their data / input. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong. Its not fun. Its grueling. On Google Drive, you can simultaneously work on the same documents! You can see what the other people are editing and it tracks each of your changes!
Takes the load off your computer. No matter how fancy your computer or laptop is, opening huge Excel and Word files is sure to have some slowing effect on the machine. Google Drive documents are online and don’t load on your actual machine. So long as your Internet connection is decent, you are good to go. No more dreadful mouse wheel spin of death with Google Drive!
Apps. Yep, all kinds of apps you can install of Google Drive and they are free. There are tons of more functional things you can do with Google Drive to help boost productivity!
Mobile. Yeah, Google Drive has apps for both Droid and iPhone. This makes viewing, sharing and even creating documents on the fly from your smartphone a real piece of cake. Hey, you can even use it for simple things such as your grocery list!
Check Issuing use it. Hey, there’s enough reason alone to give it a whirl and boost productivity! And while Google Drive handles your efficiency, Check Issuing will make sure you don’t become victim to any check fraud. See, now you are a well-oiled machine!

You Are Sending 1000’s Of Checks A Week? And You Aren’t Using Check Issuing?

What? Are you freaking crazy man?
The answer to that question is no, you aren’t crazy, you are just wasting a lot of energy and resources and have probably never considered this. Outsourcing your check disbursement servicing is really no different than outsourcing your hosting or your website development, both of which seem completely and totally normal to outsource. But when it comes to issuing checks or check fraud, the same cannot be said; in fact, its often just not considered, which is, in turn, the major problem. When companies know they can outsource to a check issuing service such as ours, they tend to want to utilize us.
Running your own check fraud department can be an uphill battle unless you have the latest and greatest ways to protect against check fraud, you are going to struggle. Check Issuing has that covered and so much more. Our checks are sealed in envelopes that you can’t see through, the checks in and of themselves can be read and tracked by the banks. Why try to do this on your own? You really aren’t saving money having your own employees and risk management assume these responsibilities.
We brand your company in a way that might be difficult for your company to accomplish internally. We can place your company’s logo right there on your achwire automation so that your brand gets seen way more often. We can place memos and letters in your envelopes to improve your company’s messaging and outreach to clients and customers. We can help you levitate as well. Ok, we can’t do that, but we do some damn good check issuing servicing, which is all that counts.
The holidays are already crazy enough, make a change that’s sure to help consolidate things and absolutely uncrazy them! Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about what we can bring to the table so that you can start focusing ONLY on your products and your services.
Oh and Happy Holidays Folks!