Top 3 Ways To Get Attention At Trade Shows

Photo by S C Hargis Photography
It can be the most exhausting time in your life. The endless planning and excessive amounts of money that we spend on Trade Shows. The budgeting, the hiring and sometimes the worst part can be the carrying. All of these things pop into mind when preparing for a trade show. We want to give you 3 pieces of advice to get that attention you are after. I mean you are exhibiting at a trade show to build brand awareness, generate leads and develop relationships, right? Well, none of that will happen if you do not plan and prepare. Let’s Go!

Stand Out

There are so many ways to stand out from the huge trade show crowd. Something as simple as colorful or humorous shirts for your staff. Or if you really want to be the big hit, do something huge and obnoxious. A game – for example, a roulette wheel. Yes, we are all business men and women, but still have the kid in a candy store mentality. We will walk over if there is something going on at a booth that looks fun. What you are trying to accomplish is a gathering space to reel in potential business. Not into games? Then how about some props? Trust me, you want to have people wondering what your company is all about.


Pass out free stuff. And not just paper marketing materials. Most of that stuff ends up in the trash. I know, it hurts to hear, but it does go in the garbage. Pens, flash drives, candies, key chains, reusable grocery bags, sunglasses, umbrellas, chapstick… Anything you can put you company name and website on is a potential for future business. People love free stuff too so you get a brownie point there.

Train You Employees

This is probably the most valuable tool. I cannot stress the importance of your staff having knowledge of trade shows, not to mention what they are promoting. Some attendees walk through the floor staring straight ahead only using their peripheral vision to size up the booths. You don’t want to be aggressive, because just like it is in a store; a huge turn off. Although you don’t want to ignore them either because they can and will just leave. Teach your staff to gently approach attendees, “How are you enjoying the show?”. Most of the time this will stop an attendee and they will engage. With the right staff, you are off to an incredible show.
Rather than spend numerous days, weeks and dollars flying around the country to meet with customers, you can do it all at a trade show. You can get more done in a couple of days than you could in months. It takes a lot of preparation and again, it is exhausting, but it is time budgeting at its finest.