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Can You Track Fedex Package Without Tracking Number?

FedEx is one of the more popular shipping companies in the world. Not only can you ship gifts to loved ones, but you can ship packages when you sell items online, too. Those who sell on eBay often find that FedEx offers competitive rates when compared to USPS and other shipping providers. Don’t fret if you misplaced the tracking number that FedEx gave you. There are several ways to track FedEx package without tracking number.

What Is a Tracking Number?

Whenever you ship a package through FedEx, you receive a tracking number. This is a long code that usually consists of numbers and not letters. The tracking number helps you find a lost or missing package so you can get an idea of when it will arrive. This comes in handy when you ship holiday gifts to a loved one or purchases to an online buyer. 
You need to enter the tracking number on the FedEx website to see its current location and estimated date of arrival. With a FedEx lost tracking number, you can find any type of package.

Finding Your Tracking Number

The easiest way to find the tracking number for a FedEx package is in your receipt. If you visited a local store and had FedEx mail or pack and ship your parcel, you received a receipt that clearly shows the tracking number on the bottom. The worker will typically circle the tracking number to help you find it. 
FedEx allows you to buy shipping labels online and have someone pick up the package from you. When shipping online, you get an email copy of your receipt that shows the tracking number. As long as you retain a copy of the receipt, you can find that number. Can you track a package without tracking number? Yes, and here are some of the different methods that you can use.
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FedEx InSight

If you ship many packages regularly, sign up for FedEx InSight. This is a special program offered by the company that makes it easy for you to keep track of your shipments. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll receive login details that let you keep track of your packages. Can you track a package by address? Yes, and FedEx InSight is a good choice because it doesn’t require a tracking number.
With FedEx InSight, you can log in to your account and view all packages shipped from your address. You can search for the address of your business or home and see all shipments attached to your account. It also allows you to view incoming shipments in case you’re waiting for packages to arrive. Signing up for an account only takes a few minutes.

Contact FedEx

You may need to track a check that you sent to a contractor or an employee who worked for you. It’s possible to track any packages that you send through FedEx. One option for those who do not have a tracking number is to contact the company directly. 
The customer service agent who answers the phone will need some basic information from you, including the name and address of the person who will receive the package and your contact information. FedEx can use those addresses to pull up the package without needing a tracking number.

FedEx Delivery Manager

Another way to track a package when you lose the tracking number is through FedEx Delivery Manager. This is similar to FedEx InSight. The FedEx Delivery Manager asks a few questions to verify your identity. After creating an account, information about your packages will appear in your online portal. 
Visit the website, and log in with your information to track your packages. FedEx Delivery Manager lets you click on any package. You can then see where it shipped from as well as its final destination. You’ll also get information about any stops that it made along the way and its current location.
FedEx Delivery Manager has two benefits for customers, too. The first is that it lets you view the time of the day when the package will arrive. If you need that package to arrive later, you have the option of changing the delivery time in the system. Another benefit is the choice of setting up delivery notifications. Not only can you get text messages or emails when packages arrive at your customers’ homes, but you can also get notifications when deliveries arrive at your home.

Door Tag ID

Using FedEx Delivery Manager gives you easy access to the door tag ID, too. This is similar to a tracking number and puts the letters DT at the front of the ID followed by a combination of 12 numbers. You do not need a copy of your original receipt or an email receipt to find this number because it’s available in the order details, which you can access through your account. Enter this code in the tracking area of the FedEx website to see the location of a specific package and find out when it will arrive.

What Types of Packages Can You Track?

When you think about packages, you likely think of large cardboard boxes filled with products and bubble wrap. Those are just one of the package types that you can track on the web. FedEx accepts a range of package sizes, including small envelopes that you use to ship checks and cards as well as crates and packages that the post office will not accept. 
As long as you ship a package through FedEx, you can use different methods to track it online without a tracking number. So, can you track a package without a tracking number FedEx? Yes, you can.
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Benefits of Online Tracking

Reviewing your options online will help you learn some of the benefits of keeping track of your packages. You can ensure that customers and clients get the products they bought within the time frame that you listed, which can increase your positive reviews and online reputation. It also allows you to keep an eye out for potential scammers. FedEx shows you the current location of a package and tells you when it arrives, which lets you prove to customers that they received their deliveries. 

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