What Your Logo Says About Your Brand

There are so many things to think about when creating company logos. Most importantly the power of the logo. You want your logo designs to stick out above the rest, mean something and look amazing.
I say this because sometimes we settle for a so-so logo and to be honest, people might slip away to our competitors. The competition out there is incredible and people like good looking things. It’s the reality of it all. Your logo should be love at first sight for anyone toying with the idea of using your products and/or services. Think about these tips when designing your logo and think big!

Logo Brand Tips

Be Original

Depending on your business, if it is small or a humongous corporation, will help with the fine details. Apple, for example, uses an iconic apple symbol and we all know who they are. A smaller business that is unknown should be more clear and concise, using more of a logo rather than a symbol. Be very detailed in what your establishment does and what you want your image to be. Keep in mind that this draws in initial customers and their judgment. Steer clear of generic ideas and be original. Even though you have a ton to do, designing your logo can be exciting and fun. Stay involved and try to be different. Be original!

Imagine How You Will Use The Logo

There are so many outlets that your logo will be used. From social media to direct mail promos and company letterhead to Checkissuing. The categories are endless and dependent on the size of your company, you might even have company vehicles riding around with the logo, perhaps uniforms worn by employees representing the logo as well. Be sure to make your logo fit all angles and outlets. You want a logo that looks great online and great in person. Your branding is so very important and typically it is the way people remember your company. Oh, hello returning customers!! Remember we offer a brand by printing your logo on our outsource check printing services.

Professional Designer Needed

Don’t skimp on this folks. Hire a professional logo company with designers that do this for a living. You can have 100% input and approve everything. They know the rules and laws and what you can and cannot do. Again, they do this for a living. Don’t try this one at home guys. Trust me, it is the image of your company. It is what everybody sees.
Branding and logos are your company’s ways of putting that personal touch on everything. Keep your standards high and make it a great one!
100 most famous logos

Checkissuing’s Check Disbursement Is A Game Changer!

Do you want to focus on your incredible product? hopefully but the answer is YES! But if you are wavering on that response, just know, that’s what everyone at Check Issuing wants from you! Because we love incredible products. How can we help? By taking all the pressure of sending out checks and securing your checks away from you. When that happens, something really magical happens pretty much immediately: You get to focus on your product! This means innovation, creativity, expansion, more sales, and way better night’s sleep.
Check Issuing makes sure your checks are secure, we do this at both the receiving bank level and all the way down to the material used on the envelopes. We prevent check fraud. Did you know check fraud is an enormous problem for corporations? Hopefully not, because that might mean it hasn’t happened to your company yet!
We help with branding. Our check disbursement and invoice mailing services can include your companies logo on it (how professional!). It can include memorandums. Messaging. Deals.  Whatever you desire. This increases your ability to spread your brand and messaging all at the moment of payment.
How are you not on the phone with us yet?
We hope that you a glad that tax time is over!!

How To Build A Better Personal Brand

Hey you, yeah, the one all stressed out over taxes and 1099 tax forms. Relax for a second and let’s talk about your personal brand and why it could be suffering from lack of ingenuity, planning, and devotion. Times have really changed, haven’t they? A brand used to be strongly associated with only a company, but now its found its way to being attached to the individual as well. People, including yourself, are a brand. Do you run a business, do you work for a business, do you Tweet? Then my friend, are a brand. And brands, well they matter. They matter for attracting new clients, negotiating new business deals, starting a partnership, and even dating! What guy are isl wants to date someone who aligns themselves with a lowly personal brand! No one! but how does this “personal brand” thing work? Well, here are some simple ideas to consider.

You Are A Brand.

Odd way to start, but its the essence of the issue. You must realize that you are a brand. Realizing this is huge because it forges the path to protecting your brand and growing your brand for its own betterment. Not considering yourself a brand can mean a lack of fundamental awareness. This can mean dropping the ball. Don’t drop the ball on your brand, folks, instead realize everything you do is a contributing factor to your brand.

Know Who The Search Engines Think You Are.

People are going to Google you. How much sense does it make if you don’t even Google yourself? None, that’s how much. Google yourself early and often. Set up Google alerts to find out where people are seeing you. If you see content about yourself you don’t like, at least this gives you a fighting chance to change it! If you don’t know, you can’t do anything!

Control Your Online Image

Why not put up your own site? Yeah, good idea, huh? You can also set up Facebook to only display status updates you deem public worthy. Yep, you can basically be ahead of the curve and be who you want to be!

Check Issuing, Your Check Disbursement Solution

Check disbursement isn’t something you hear a company talk about all the time. You don’t see Forbes magazine writing up articles that point out the amazing benefits to sourcing out your checks. Maybe here and there you hear of “check fraud” protection, but that’s mostly at the bank level. It isn’t that companies don’t care, it’s that they don’t realize that they should care (a lot more).
Think about something: How many times do you mail out checks? Do you pay vendors? What about employees or contractors? Do you pay an electric bill or a cable bill? The truth is, you do pay those, but those are just the start of checks you have to write. What does this mean? It means that writing checks is one of the largest aspects and functions of your company, yet it is one of the most least focused on.
We often read articles on how to save money. How we can turn the heat down a degree, or the AC up a couple of degrees, or how we can buy power saving computers, maybe we can turn the lights off an hour earlier every day? But what we don’t see is how we can protect our company from check fraud and save money. How using Check Issuing to disperse our checks means we have a more efficient portion to our accounting department, we free up people to work on other items. Check Issuing does the heavy lifting and allows your company to focus on improving the product, training staff, and selling products and services.
Check Issuing isn’t the priority, we aren’t the center of focus, but that’s the beauty in what we do. We run in the background, protecting your business from fraud and saving you money. We can also brand your product, placing your company logo on your checks and adding a more professional look and feel to your checks. We can attach memorandums and messages to the checks.
Contact Check Issuing right now, learn more about us, and allow us to learn more about you!