Business Motivation At Its Finest (inside)

Are you afraid of failing? You should be, because failing sucks badly. If you are someone trying to make a small business work, I doubt you consider failing an option.
But look, sometimes we wake up and just feel as though the world is against us. Or that we hate what we are doing. Or that we aren’t getting anywhere. Or we smell pancakes (this is actually a super good way to wake up). If we aren’t smelling pancakes, we are sometimes struggling to find our inner-strength to make the best of our day.
Small businesses are often scrutinized. Friends and family and business associates telling us just how bad our idea is. How it will never work in the real world. It all leads to stress and causes us to question our internal motivation.
But it’s important to remember that what fuels us is always with us. We aren’t fueled by other people telling us that we are great, we are fueled by our own voices inside our heads telling us to carry on. And we do: carry on.
This is one of my favorite business motivational videos on Youtube. I know it seems lame to watch a video on Youtube for motivation, but sometimes it is exactly what you need when pancakes aren’t being made for you.

So what else? Well hey, take some time off this weekend and choose to enjoy your friends and family. Make pancakes and then go on a hike to burn off those guilt ridden calories. And on Monday, give Check Issuing a call. Let’s finally do this. We are all the motivation you will need!