Benefits of Check Fulfillment your Company Should Know About

Even in today’s digital age, writing and mailing checks is still very necessary for a lot of businesses. Unfortunately, the process of writing and mailing checks can be cumbersome, making it a chore that many people dread. A better solution could be check fulfillment, which allows us to handle the process of writing and mailing checks for you. Here are a few of the benefits of check fulfillment and check writing and mailing services:
Saves Time
Check fulfillment saves you time because you no longer have to:

•Manually write or print checks
•Address and mail envelopes
•Order checks, address labels, or envelopes
•Visit the post office in order to purchase stamps or drop off mail
•Maintain a ledger of the checks you have written

All that’s required is for you to submit payment information to us, and we take care of everything else and print business checks. You can see reports in real time, and can easily access payment information by visiting our website.
Customer Service
We understand that handing over your check printing mailing services functions to a third party can be a bit unnerving. For this reason, we provide you with a dedicated account representative, who is available on weekdays during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have. We are also available by phone, email or instant message.

There are a number of other benefits you can enjoy, such as:
•No need to order or print your own checks
•The ability to choose from standard or custom checks
•Secure mailing reduces the odds of fraud occurring
•Our encrypted system makes uploading files safe and secure

Our service is performed in such a way that those who are receiving your checks will never know you have outsourced this function. Check fulfillment is also more affordable than you may think, which is why we invite you to contact us for a cost analysis to outsource check printing services.

Instances that Call for Check Fulfillment

In the past, business owners were solely responsible for writing and issuing their own checks. The fact that a great deal of business is conducted over the Internet means that getting checks out can sometimes be difficult these days. You may have employees or customers scattered across the country or even across the globe, making it challenging to pay everyone on time. The answer could be check fulfillment in order to streamline the process. Here are a few businesses that could benefit from our check fulfillment services.

  • Survey operators, who may need to pay dozens of people in various locations over a period of weeks or even months. Survey participants are not always located in the same geographic area, and may also complete the survey at different times, making it difficult to keep track of payments.
  • Online retailers could need to provide refunds to their customers from time to time. When they do, many will find that using a check fulfillment service such as ours affords them more privacy, and also helps business owners save valuable time.
  • Consignment shop owners must often pay multiple consignors their commission at the end of every month. Making sure each person is paid promptly is essential; otherwise, people will stop bringing in quality merchandise for others to sell.
  • Auctioneers like consignment shop owners often sell merchandise from numerous individuals, and may, therefore, need to disburse multiple payments after an auction. Our check fulfillment services will allow them to do so quickly so they can close their books and move on to the next sale.
  • Sales managers could need check fulfillment to help them ensure commissions and bonuses are made frequently. This service could be especially helpful to those who manage very large teams or have sales representatives that frequently travel and are away from the office on payday.

These are just a few instances in which check fulfillment could be beneficial; however, any business large or small can actually benefit from it to streamline processes and become more efficient.

Increase Your Business’s Productivity By Outsourcing The Tasks That Give You Headaches – like Check Fulfillment

If you have a small business, you have probably had your share of days when you feel completely overwhelmed with everything you have to complete before the day is over. You will likely have to take on several responsibilities in order to make sure your business becomes a success.
The more things you have to do, the more time you have to spend on those things that you may not be comfortable doing. What is the result of all of this? You will not have as much time as you would like to do the things you are comfortable doing.
There are not many small business owners who want to deal with some of the frustrations that come along with managing full-time employees. There are plenty of ways that you can handle these difficulties and challenges, and it does not matter if your business has just started or if it is in the growing stage.
One of those options is outsourcing. The purpose of outsourcing is to help your business become more profitable while making the work of the owner streamlined. Outsourcing should also be used to increase your productivity. Outsourcing will allow you and your handful of employees to focus on growing the business and increasing the satisfaction of the customers and clients.
You should not be afraid to seek outsourcing. There are various tasks that businesses outsource, including accounting, check writing, and check issuing. You should strongly determine the areas of your business that need to be outsourced. If it is becoming a challenge to handle your accounting needs, outsourcing this task will allow you to focus on other areas of your business that you are familiar with.

6 Simple Tips to Increase Checking Productivity in Your Business

If you’re like most small business personnel with busy schedules filled with meetings, conference calls, and client appointments, then you understand the importance of managing your time and getting the most out of your day. With so much being directed at you, it can be challenging to juggle it all. The key is learning how to increase your productivity in a way that positions you to complete the important tasks first…you know, the ones that create income for your business.
The following are six time-management tips that will not only help boost productivity but to have a clear conscious when finishing the task at hand.

#1 Organize Your Desk
No one can concentrate on a junky, overloaded desk. Clean it up! Commit to clearing all papers prior to leaving so that you can return in the morning ready to conquer the day. It’s an amazing feeling to start with an uncluttered desktop.

Also, be sure to have only the documents that you need for whatever you’re doing at the moment. Anything else should be filed and put away.

#2 6 Most Important Task List
Be sure to plan your work the day before. Meaning, write a list by prioritizing the six most important assignments that need to be completed, so when you arrive in the office (or your desk), you’re ready to tackle them one by one!
Aim to accomplish three tasks before the morning ends.  You will leave for lunch feeling a huge sense of achievement knowing you’ve completed half of your list.

#3 Be Punctual
Have professionalism and integrity with your business. Show up on time and at least a few minutes early. By being punctual, it shows that you value your time as well as others. It sets a great tone for your meeting and gives you a chance to look over any last minute notes for final preparations.

#4 Get Rid of Piled Paper
Decide that stacks of paper and documents not in use does not serve you or your time. Get rid of that mess! Go through it and sort out the things you don’t need and discard the rest. If you happen to come across papers that require immediate attention, it’s best to address it then. The fewer piles you have, the better you’ll be able to focus, period!

#5 Light Lunches
Avoid heavy lunches that can cause you to feel drowsy and tired upon return. It’s hard to concentrate with a belly full of food. Choose healthier, lighter meals that will reenergize and refresh your senses…giving you the boost to finish the work day strong.

#6 Put Yourself on a Schedule
Maintaining and following a schedule is important to the success of your business. Regardless if you’re the CEO, owner, self-employed…it’s critical to have a daily agenda that supports your important business assignments. Using the calendar built into your smartphone is helpful since most people always have their cell phones handy. Also utilizing your companies CRM is a great way to execute time management advice.